10+ computer tips to save you time

After reading this article, there must be someone who nods and admits that there are many computer tips that, if known, will greatly increase the efficiency of work.

I invite you to consult offline!

1. “Ctrl + T” to open a new tab

2. Ask Google before you have to visit a technician

3. Calculate exchange rates with Google instead of calculators

4. In airplane mode, a laptop’s battery is charged faster

5. Press “Alt” and left click to download any Google image


6. Hide your IP address so no one knows what you’re doing

7. Download “f.lux” to adjust the brightness of your computer screen with its surroundings


8. A clean desktop means the computer working very fast

9. “Ctrl + Q” to exit the browser

A quick way to exit the browser is to press Ctrl + Q. If you are using a MacBook, simply replace “Ctrl” with “Command”.

10. “Ctrl + I” will make the text italic

Here are a few useful keyboard combinations that Windows users should keep in mind to use the computer more conveniently and effectively:

Press the Windows key: Open the Start menu on the computer, similar to when clicking the Start button.

Windows + A: Open the “Action Center” dialog box (for Windows 10).

Windows + D or Windows + M: Minimize all open windows and move to the desktop.

Windows + Shift + M: In contrast to the above function, this key combination will restore the open window before shrinking to the taskbar.

Windows + E: Open Windows Explorer window to access the files on the computer.

Windows + Q: Activate Windows search dialog.

Windows + R: Activate the “Run” dialog box on Windows.

Windows + U: Activate the installation item on Windows.

Windows + Spacebar (long bar): Make all windows transparent (for Windows 7) or switch keyboard language on Windows 10.

Windows + left arrow key (right respectively): Brings the window to the left half of the screen (or to the right). This way, you can put two windows in parallel on the two halves of the screen, convenient in comparing or contrasting something with each other.

Windows + up arrow key (corresponding down): Brings the window to minimize or maximum size.

Windows + Tab: Show all open windows to easily move to the necessary window.

Windows + T: Move to the open window on the taskbar. Hold down the “Windows” key and press the T key to move from left to right. When you get to the icon of the required window, press Enter to open that window.

Windows + B: Move the cursor to the item showing hidden icons on the taskbar. Press Enter or Space key to display them.

Windows + 1 (from 1 to 9): Activate the software marked (pin) on the taskbar, in order of 1 to 9 (from left to right).

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