10 Signs You Need a Social Media Detox

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Social media works as a double-edged sword. On one hand, this platform provides many benefits and conveniences for the community. But on the other hand, social media also has a myriad of bad effects. One of them is worsening our mental state.

Many people are addicted to social media. They become more stressed or even turn into toxic people because of it. That’s why there is a trend known as social media detox. This is an act of withdrawing from cyberspace to maintain psychological health.

So the question is, are you in need of a social media detox right now? If you’re confused about what to decide, here are ten signs you need a “break” from social media.

1. You feel anxious or even afraid to miss information when you don’t scroll through social media. This means you are dependent

2. You always check social media every chance you get. Or always take the time to open social media even though you are busy with assignments and work

3. Finally, activity on social media interferes with your productivity. You procrastinate, pile up your work, and you can’t finish it properly because you get distracted too often by social media

4. You feel afraid to miss information or update friends when you don’t open social media. This condition is called the fear of missing out (FOMO)

5. Seeing the lives of other people who seem happy makes you sad, jealous, or even uncomfortable. Especially when friends can go on vacation, eat well, buy luxury items, and so on

6. The jealousy that comes from posting on social media makes you compare your life with other people. This makes you feel that your life is sad and hard to be grateful for

7. You often feel stressed, lose energy, or even tease other people you envy. These are signs that you are starting to turn into a toxic person

8. Everything that happens in your life you record on social media, even before you enjoy it. Even though there are certain moments that should be more meaningful without being uploaded to social media

9. Increasingly wasteful because of social media. You often follow other people’s lifestyles because you want to. For example, buying branded goods, subscribing to streaming applications, and so on.

10. Getting away from the real world. You prefer to spend time on social media rather than meeting friends, attending family events, and so on

Actually, it’s fine if you spend a lot of time on social media. But don’t let your virtual life interfere with your psychology. If you already feel stressed, anxious, sad, afraid to miss out, and even become a toxic person , there’s nothing wrong with taking a short break from social media.