7 Best Antivirus for Laptops

Despite the fact that Windows has a built-in antivirus in the form of Windows Defender, that doesn’t mean installing a third-party antivirus is unnecessary. Using an antivirus outside of the default antivirus is still necessary, in order to provide multiple layers of protection against harmful viruses or malware.

Especially if the laptop you are using contains important documents or files, using an antivirus is a must. So, if you are confused about which antivirus to use, here we provide some recommendations for you to choose.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender has consistently received perfect scores for malware protection from a number of our side testing laboratories. It can stop trojans, rootkits, ransomware and worms, and by enabling extensions in the browser, Bitdefender can prevent any virus or malware threats from getting to your device via the internet.

In addition, it also recognizes phishing schemes and can mark whether search results on the internet are safe to click on or not. Plus, Bitdefender also provides a personal firewall feature as the main firewall coating.

2. Kaspersky Total Security

By not consuming a lot of laptop performance, the protection offered by Kaspersky is almost perfect. This can warn and block downloaded files that are considered dangerous. One feature that Kaspersky has but doesn’t exist in other antiviruses is the virtual keyboard.

It is useful that those who are aware of the threat of keyloggers, trackers, and snoops when typing login information or credit card numbers. In addition, Kaspersky is also equipped with parental control features for parents who want to block certain sites and limit the time to use their child’s cellphone.

3. VIPRE Advanced Security

For a standard antivirus that is lightweight and doesn’t come with so many extra features, VIPRE is highly recommended. This antivirus does a great job of stopping malicious files during the download process and deleting them before infecting your device.

Apart from the files on the laptop, VIPRE also monitors your email to see if there are any links and links that are dangerous or not. Another reason to use VIPRE is that it includes a firewall, which is second only to malware and antivirus protection.

4. Avast Free Antivirus

Some antivirus can be enjoyed for free and Avast is one of the best. Avast is packed with a ton of extra features like a password manager, home network security, and VPN – to hide your online identity from adware and trackers.

Another best feature of Avast is the automatic gamer mode, where you can visit online gaming sites without being interrupted by slow connections or excessive pop-up notifications. Meanwhile, unlike Kaspersky and Bitdefender, Avast will wait until it is almost downloaded before stopping and destroying the malicious download files.

5. McAfee Total Security

McAfee has now come back and forth after experiencing a significant setback in recent years. Everything you need to secure your device from malware threats is with McAfee, including additional features such as encrypted online storage and protection for cryptocurrency accounts.

Apart from that, it also has a VPN that will block your online identity, so your online activities or data will be difficult to track and steal. So like the others on this list, McAfee is also equipped with a firewall, parental control, and system scanner.

6. Norton 360 with LifeLock

What makes Norton 360 interesting is that it works with LifeLock to protect your identity. LifeLock monitors the black market and will notify you if your email address, date of birth, or online account is being traded illegally.

Apart from that, Norton 360 also has a tool for safe browsing that will flag any dangerous sites that are known to have hidden links or phishing schemes in them. As a precautionary measure, Norton 360 also comes with a VPN to hide online identities such as IP addresses and locations.

7. Malwarebytes

If your laptop is suddenly running slowly, closes browsers and programs for no reason, or redirects you to sites that you weren’t trying to visit, then it’s likely that your laptop is infected with malware or viruses. To solve that, you can use Malwarebytes, which is specially designed to outsmart viruses, before destroying them permanently. It should be noted, Malwarebytes is not like Bitdefender which can prevent threats, but more towards dealing with malware or viruses that have already entered and infected.

That was the review as well as the best antivirus recommendation for protecting your laptop from dangerous malware. All antiviruses above can be downloaded for free, but with premium or pro options for more complete features.