7 best tense horror games for welcoming Halloween

Horror genre fans will always remember Resident Evil and Silent Hill for their signature horror. These two, however, are not the only horror options at the moment – especially to be played in the run-up to Halloween end of this month.

Thanks to a wider exploration, now there are more scary horror games, some of which carry unique mechanisms and can even be said to be more terrifying and tense than the two classic horror games, Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Towards Halloween, here are 7 thrilling horror games to play.

1. Fatal Frame

The success of Silent Hill inspired Koei Tecmo to create Fatal Frame – a PlayStation 2 game with Japanese horror at its core. This highly acclaimed ending game focuses on psychological terror, suspense, and a powerful narrative related to ghosts and the supernatural.

In essence, Fatal Frame centers on various locations that are “disturbed” by supernatural events. Each protagonist will be equipped with a camera Obscura that they can use to capture and calm the ghosts they encounter. So, instead of running away, this game requires players to come face to face with their greatest fears.

2. Siren

Japanese horror game fans should try Siren for its uniqueness in the survival horror and stealth elements it carries. While the main game follows a variety of different stories, each of them centers around a mysterious supernatural location and events that take place there. Furthermore, this game also features a unique enemy called shibito – a corpse with blood streaming from its eyes.

Not without something different, Siren has Sightjack – a special ability where characters can find the “psychic frequency” of various enemies and NPCs. Through it, players can track enemy movements and find needed items throughout the game.

3. The Evil Within

Even though it is more of an action game, The Evil Within is still a tense game because it makes players have to avoid and kill enemies and bosses with terrible looks. In addition, accompanying the action-packed gameplay, this game also provides quite a lot of interesting psychological horror spices.

In this game, players play the role of Sebastian Castellanos – a detective who, with his colleagues, is assigned to investigate the mass murder at Beacon Mental Hospital. However, after an earthquake that seems to destroy the city, Sebastian finds himself confronted by a terrifying monster. And that’s where the psychological horror element starts to haunt the player’s mind.

4. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a special offering for fans of the horror genre, who have only been able to enjoy horror slasher in films. In this PS4 exclusive, players control the fate of eight teenagers who have to survive until rescue arrives at dawn, when a mysterious masked man tries to finish them off.

Unlike other horror games, Until Dawn has elements of interactive drama in a third-person perspective. Players can control each character on a linear level to find clues to survive the night. Interestingly, this game keeps track of all information throughout the game and at certain moments, will use the Butterfly Effect system where one decision can affect the fate of all characters in the story.


Horror doesn’t always have to be in the form of ghosts or monsters that scares players. In fact, SOMA adds a sci-fi twist to its horror survival gameplay. At SOMA, the cast plays Simon Jarrett where he transitions from 2015 to 2104, inside an underwater research facility – PATHOS-II, after a powerful comet hits Earth.

In addition to having to avoid mutants and evil robots, Simon must also interact with various machines that seem to show signs of human consciousness. In short, SOMA gives players a mission to accompany Simon as he tries to decipher what really happened in the years between his 2015 car accident and the comet tragedy in 2104.

6. Devotion

Red Candle Games created Devotion – a first-person perspective game that has a strong narrative and is about a family living in an apartment complex in Taipei. While not as “intense” as most of the games on this list, the attempt to inject the horror surrounding home, family, and comfort keeps Devotion bustling in its own right.

In this game, the player plays Du Feng Yu – a troubled screenwriter, as he explores his family’s struggles. From there, things took a turn for the worse when his daughter – Mei Shin, showed signs of a mysterious illness. Feng Yu’s obsession with the cult led by Mentor Heuh to treat his daughter also makes the situation even more chaotic.

7. Layers Of Fear

Artwork turned into something gruesome in Layers Of Fear. In this horror game, an unnamed protagonist tries to perfect his greatest work – a painting that can make him come to terms with the events of the past. From the start, Layers Of Fear makes it clear that the player character has signs of psychological problems, which will then also be reflected through the narrative that is carried.

In terms of gameplay, Layers Of Fear is actually quite simple. Most of the action that the player performs will center around solving a puzzle, in which the player has to look for various visual clues around them. However, some places occasionally give surprises via jump-scare, as well as items that slowly reveal the tragic story of painters in the past.

Those were the reviews as well as recommendations for thrilling horror games to play in the upcoming Halloween celebrations. Are you mentally ready to play a series of super scary horror games above? Talk to us.