7 strange things you must do when playing GTA

GTA has spawned many series since 1997. Each player must have had memorable memories, some even have ridiculous memories when playing this game.

Here are some of the weird things that players have done while playing GTA. You could do it too. Check out this article!

1. Travel Around town without a clear purpose

This is usually done when you are just starting to play and are lazy to follow missions. All you have to do is steal people’s vehicles, then go around the city without a clear purpose. But this is fun because you can enjoy both the city and rural atmosphere. If you get bored with your vehicle, just steal someone else’s.

2. Drive according to the rules

Tired of driving carelessly? Try driving casually and obeying traffic lights. This is quite difficult, you know, especially when completing missions. It seems impossible.

3. Beat the pedestrians

Bad luck for every passerby who encountered a foggy player. Try to imagine that you are enjoying walking in the city suddenly someone beat you for no reason. Not to mention if that person immediately points a gun. Is it scary?

4. To fight with the police

If beating residents is less challenging, usually the players try to find the next level of trouble. First attack one policeman. Later when help arrives you immediately fire an RPG at a group of police. Don’t forget to use invulnerable cheats to make the war safe!

5. Riot in town

This is the last level of trouble-seeking. Like terrorists, GTA players can slaughter all the people they meet. Shoot pedestrians and police, bomb here and there, and burn cars. Anyway, be the number one enemy of society!

6. Fly to the high seas

Who is still curious about what’s on the sea off the GTA map? Surely you guys have tried to fly towards N on the map and hope to find something, right? If anyone managed to find something on the high seas, let us know!

7. Jump from a height

Trying to do something that gets your adrenaline going, like jumping from a height, is fun. But, if you don’t dare to try it in real life, you can try it in the GTA game. You can jump from tall buildings, planes, or mountains. Feel the sensation!

So, those are 7 weird things that GTA players have done. What number have you ever done? Shoot us an email on our contact form!