7 Ways to Find the Right Hashtags for TikTok Content creation

There are some people who use TikTok for fun. But, there are also those who want to be more popular. In order to be popular and get noticed by many people, you have to be smart in choosing hashtags. The function of hashtags is to increase visibility and reach so that you are increasingly recognized.

Without further ado, here’s how to find the right hashtags for TikTok to make you even more famous.

1. Find relevant hashtags

How do I find relevant hashtags? You can find hashtags that match your content. For example, if you are creating content for a duet with another creator, provide the hashtag #duet, #duetme, and #duetmechallenge.

Use relevant hashtags so people with the same interests can find your content.

2. Create content based on the currently trending hashtags

Try clicking the “Discover” menu and press “Hashtag”, then you will find a list of hashtags that are trending at the moment. Not only that, but you can also find out how many times the hashtag was used.

From here, you may find new ideas for TikTok content. Remember the popular quote from the movie Heartbreak Ridge:  “Improvise, adapt, overcome.” You can imitate other people’s content, but improvise it so that it doesn’t look 100 percent theirs.

3. Know the most used hashtags on TikTok

Do some research on what hashtags are the most common and widely used on TikTok. According to MarketingHub Influencer pages, the most commonly used hashtags on TikTok are  #tiktok, #explore, #follow, #like, #followforfollowback, #video, and #love.

Meanwhile, the most popular and widely used hashtags are #foryoupage, #fyp, #foryou #viral, #bestvideo, # tiktok4fun, # thisis4u, and much more. By using these hashtags, it is more likely that more people see your TikTok video. Do your research diligently!

4. Try mixing up specific and popular hashtags

Did you know that the three popular hashtags (#fyp, #foryou, and #foryoupage) have 6 trillion views on TikTok? So, sometimes using these hashtags doesn’t make our videos popular. On the contrary, our videos will “drown” in a sea of hashtags.

The Later.com page suggests combining popular and specific hashtags. For example, combining the hashtags #fyp, #foryou, and #foryoupage with 2-3 specific hashtags that match our content and audience.

It’s about trial and error. Sometimes this method works, sometimes it doesn’t. Keep trying and occasionally monitor your analytics.

5. Use Hashtag Finder Tools

The fastest way to find hashtags on TikTok is by using hashtag search tools. Tools like this are more widely available for Instagram. However, for TikTok, you can go to the TikTokHashtags.com site.

With this tool, you can find relevant hashtags in seconds. All you need to do is enter the desired keywords, then this tool will generate other related hashtags.

6. Make sure the hashtag is easy to find

Equally important, the hashtag must be easy to find. And that hashtag matches what you’re looking for. For example, if you want to create content about how to dye hair, use the hashtag #hairdye. Or, if you want to create content about the right way to make eyeliner, use the hashtag #eyelinertutorial.

Most likely, the search results that appear on TikTok are consistent with that hashtag. So make sure you use the right and relevant hashtags so that other people can easily find them.

7. Create your own hashtags? Why not?

There is nothing wrong with creating your own hashtags. This can be your signature. Use phrases that are unique, catchy, and easy to remember. For example, if your name is Jenna and your TikTok content is food reviews, you can use the hashtag #ApprovedByJenna.

Another example on a corporate scale is the hashtag #FentyBeautyHouse, made popular by Rihanna’s beauty company Fenty Beauty. This hashtag not only contains products marketed by Fenty Beauty but also creates an online community of make-up enthusiasts.

Well, that’s how to find the right hashtags for TikTok to make it more popular and recognized by many people. Try applying these methods and good luck!