AAG undersea cable problem fixed before Tet.

The incident on the two branches of the AAG undersea cable is expected to be fixed by January 15.

Zing newspaper reported, updated information on the progress of repairing and troubleshooting incidents on Asia America Gateway (AAG) international fiber optic cable line which has just been represented by an Internet service provider (ISP) in Vietnam. Nam shared with ICTnews.

Accordingly, on January 9, the center operating the undersea optical cable AAG announced that it had fixed the problem on S1H branch. The remaining issue on S1I branch is expected to be completed by January 15.

Youth said, before that, all three undersea cable lines AAG, IA and AAE-1 had problems that significantly affected the speed of Internet access of Vietnamese users. Particularly, the incident on AAG cable line occurred on the morning of December 22, causing the loss of 1,100 GB capacity to travel internationally through this cable direction. On November 14, the S1H branch of the AAG cable also had a problem located about 163 km from Vung Tau shore station.

In addition to the AAG cable, two other undersea cables, IA and AAE-1, are expected to be completed after the Lunar New Year. Specifically, the AAE-1 line is expected to complete repair on January 27, 2020, the IA cable line is expected to be completed on February 3, 2020.

As a total length of 20,191 km, with an initial design flow of 2 Tb / s and continuously upgraded over time, AAG directly connects Southeast Asia (ASEAN) with the US. Opened in November 2019, this undersea fiber optic cable passes through Malaysia (Mersing), Singapore (Changi), Thailand (Sri Racha), Vietnam (314 km long cable branch to Vietnam). shore in Vung Tau), Brunei (Tungku), Hong Kong (South Lantau), Philippines (Currimao) and United States (Guam, Hawaii and California).

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