About Us

Mzee Kobe

Ambalink is International technology company that was founded in 2018 by Kiritu. We, as a company, aim at publishing high-quality tech content. Our headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya. However, we also have offices in Uganda and Tanzania.

Currently, we get roughly 50,000 monthly pageviews on our platforms and growing. Soon, we will start accepting more third-party advertisements.

Ambalink is among the top companies in Kenya publishing tech content. Our Company is a subsidiary of NjooKenya.


Ambalink Limited was Founded in the United Kingdom in the year 1998. However, due to Bankruptcy, the company had to be dissolved. As stated in the very first paragraph, Kiritu revived the brand in the Year 2018 and registered the domain name www.ambalink.com in June 2019 after Purchasing it from the previous owner.

PURPOSE (#The reincarnation)

Our company aims to be the TechCrunch and the Verge of Africa. We realized that Kenya is an under-served market in terms of tech content, so, we are doing something about it. We started with Kenya as our target market. However, Africa in General is our bullseye. We are aware that its a moonshot. However, nothing good comes easy.


You can read more on that on our Branding page.