Advantages of cloud storage in a digital age

Physical storage devices are showing limitations, while cloud storage is becoming more convenient and cheaper.
A few years ago, USB or portable hard drive was an indispensable device for PC users. But so far, the catchphrase when doing this is “give it to Drive and send the link.” The shift in this user’s habit has partly shown the convenience of cloud storage services, at the same time show that cloud is no longer a strange concept, but has come to life.

According to statistics and forecasts of Allied Market Research, in the period of 2015-2022, the market of cloud storage services will grow 24.8% per year. This comes from the undeniable benefits of cloud compared to traditional hard drive storage, USB.

Advantages of cloud storage

As in the above example, the most visible benefit of cloud is the ability to share and access remotely. With the files stored on the data center, users can access their data from anywhere, just with an Internet connection.

Expanding into another new but important area is security camera – a device that is gradually gaining popularity in Vietnam. In this field, cloud proved to be an outstanding storage method thanks to the features: Cost savings, data safety, convenience for installation and upgrade. A Vietnamese unit, FPT, has deployed security cameras using such cloud storage method to replace hard drives.

For example, when a bad guy broke into a house and found out there was a security camera, they would go to the hard drive and destroy it. This is not possible with cameras like FPT’s, because the image is stored in the cloud and no one can access it but the camera owner. The data will also be stored for 1-7 days at the data center of the provider, instead of being overwritten if the capacity runs out like a traditional hard drive.

In addition to reducing the cost of buying the original recorder and hard drive, users can also easily upgrade the storage capacity by contacting the switchboard to change subscribers, not to invest in new equipment.

In addition, cloud services are superior to local hard drives thanks to the ability to protect data against human threats, such as hackers attack, negligence during use, even the weather factors … If stored on the hard drive, you are the one who has to do this on your own, on cloud storage, the provider will be responsible and have the qualifications and tools to do it. that work.

The future of cloud storage

Cloud storage technology is increasingly convenient, safe, more storage, while increasingly cheaper.

In the 4.0 era as well as the upcoming 5G connection, data from the cloud can be uploaded and accessed from computers, phones or any device with a network connection. At the same time retrieving data from the “cloud” will be as fast as extracting data from a local storage device, even faster and smoother.

For example, with FPT cameras, the image data is saved and viewed in full HD resolution regardless of the size, while most other cameras on the market have to compress images with low resolution if desired. Storage is long.

With the needs of users increasingly promoting fast, convenient, data security and minimalism in the device, the cloud can completely replace USB, memory cards, hard drives, to become successful. Storage tools in the near future.

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