Air pollution costs $ 8 billion a day

According to Bloomberg, the Greenpeace report confirms that air pollution costs the global economy $ 8 billion a day.

According to a report by Greenpeace Southeast Asia and the Research Center for Clean Energy and Air, air pollution from burning fossil fuels costs 3.3% of global GDP, or US $ 2,900 billion per year.

China, the United States and India are the three countries that have suffered the worst economic losses due to soaring air pollution. Estimates are US $ 900 billion , US $ 600 billion and US $ 150 billion annually.

Air pollution affects billions of people every day despite efforts by countries and businesses to promote the use of renewable energy and clean fuels.

Burning coal, oil and gas causes health problems, which can result in 4.5 million premature deaths each year globally. Greenpeace said that about 40,000 children died before the age of 5 due to exposure to fine dust smaller than 2.5 micrometers (PM 2.5).

“Every year, fossil fuel air pollution takes millions of lives, increases the risk of stroke, lung cancer, asthma and costs billions of dollars. But this is a problem that can solve.” by turning to renewable energy sources, eliminating diesel and gasoline engines, developing public transport, “said Minwoo Son of Greenpeace Southeast Asia.

According to a report by Oxford Economics in November 2019, without efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions, the Earth could heat up 2 degrees Celsius by 2050, global GDP will drop 2.5% to 7.5%.

According to Greenpeace, air pollution raises the cost of curing respiratory diseases and causes economic damage due to premature death.

“The deaths of children and young people cause economic losses through contributions to society and the lost economy,” the organization said.

Compared with other pollutants such as ozone and nitrogen dioxide, PM 2.5 fine dust has the greatest economic impact. Populous countries often incur higher costs. In 2019, about 91% of the global population will live in areas where air pollution levels exceed WHO criteria.

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