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Apple Air Pods Pro are expected to appear later this year. They will be more expensive than the previous version

According to the latest tips we got, new headphones from Apple are to be presented in October. They will offer a noise suppression function, but will be much more expensive than basic Air Pods.

A Chinese-language source, China Economic Daily, says that Apple will soon be launching another model of Air Pods headphones. The third generation of headphones will include the note “Pro”, which Apple has been using for some time to the premium version of their devices. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst in Apple cases, talked about new headphones in April.

However, he may have been wrong in saying that Apple will begin mass production between the last quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020. However, the latest rumors say that subcontractors are already preparing for production. Headphones for sale would hit just before the holiday shopping period. The confirmation of the close premiere are the features for noise suppression that appeared in the beta version of iOS 13 .2.

The new Apple Air Pods headphones are $ 100 more expensive

The next generation of Apple headphones is expected to cost a lot more than the previous one. We will pay $ 260 for a new set of headphones . The current generation costs $ 159 for the regular version and $ 200 for the wireless charging case. The most important fresh feature is the noise muted option. This may mean that the headphones will be intrathecal, not in-ear, as before, so it will be equipped with earbuds. Kuo predicted that a higher price would also be related to the water resistance of the equipment. Moreover, the handset May have a new metallic design. This is to ensure better heat dissipation.

Apple is currently working on several devices. In addition to standard iPhones , the Cupertino company plans to release a budget version of its smartphone in the spring . The technology giant also registered a patent for a ring to control larger devices from their portfolio.

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