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Bezos visits India and promises to invest 1 billion US dollars to help small businesses in India digitize

“We will use our global ecosystem to help export Indian products. By 2025, we will export US $ 10 billion worth of Indian-made products,” Bezos said at the event.

On January 15th, according to foreign media reports, on Wednesday local time, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos promised to invest 1 billion US dollars to help small businesses in India digitalize.

“We will use our global ecosystem to help export Indian products. By 2025, we will export $ 10 billion worth of Indian-made products,” Bezos said at the Amazon SME Summit.

Bezos also said that the 21st century will be the century of India, and the most important alliance will be the alliance between India and the United States. “India has a lot of special things, and it is full of energy and opportunity,” he said.

Amazon has previously committed $ 5.5 billion to India and sees India as a key growth market.

However, Bezos’ visit could be affected by protests from small business owners across India who claim that Amazon is pushing them out of the market by offering heavily discounted products on its platform and favoring large sellers. Amazon has denied the allegations.

Here are the highlights of Bezos’ presentation at the Amazon SME Summit:

1. No, I never thought that Amazon would achieve such great success. What has happened in the past 25 years is beyond my imagination. At that time, I delivered packages myself.

2. If I hadn’t started Amazon, I would be very happy to be a software engineer somewhere.

3. At different stages of development, I had to lead the company in different ways. The bigger and bigger the company, you need to figure out what to do and how to do it. Then, when the company gets bigger, you no longer help what to do, you need to figure out what to do. When the company became a Big Mac, the problem changed again, and the bigger question became a question about “who”. Who is more valuable to me, I have been thinking about how to recruit people, who can give me suggestions. This has been the secret of Amazon’s expansion all the way.

4. Amazon is the most tolerant place to fail in the world. That’s because we have a lot of lessons learned. You are trying something new. No one has done experiments. Failure is inevitable.

5. Failure is an embarrassing thing, but it is also a great thing. One success may be better than dozens of failures.

6. Avoid operational failure. When you fail to know how to do something, it’s due to poor execution. This is not a failure you should celebrate.

7. I was interested in space when I was 5 years old, and I have been studying rockets, rocket propulsion, and space travel since I was young. As a civilization, we can choose our living environment (the earth is limited). With the development of civilization, the population continues to grow and the per capita energy consumption is more.

8. In the long run (hundreds of years later), all polluting industries will be moved to space, where there are unlimited resources, and the earth can become a better place to live. There are no planets more suitable for human survival, so we must take care of the earth. But in the long run, if we want to develop civilization, we need the resources of the solar system. To do this, we need to explore space.

9. I am fortunate to see the most dynamic and exciting thing on the Internet, that is, two children founded Facebook in a college dormitory. This is impossible in space, and the starting price for doing anything in space is hundreds of millions of dollars. I want my company to make space accessible, and two children living in dormitories can also create a great space company.

10. This is something that requires collective action around the world. Anyone who does not recognize this situation today is not sensible and the matter is significant.

11. We are proud of what Amazon has done. We have just announced our “Climate Commitment” and Amazon will achieve a sustainable power supply by 2030. In India, we will eliminate all plastic products by June 2020, six months later.

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