Can iPhone play the “Fortnite” game again?

The once popular game “Fortnite” was launched in July 2017 by the American game development company Epic Games. According to Cultofmac, the latest version of Fortnite “may” return to the iPhone. However, it will not appear in the App Store.

In August of this year, Apple and Epic Games removed the “Fortnite” game from the iOS App Store because Epic Games violated the App Store direct payment mechanism. After being off the shelf, iPhone players who have already downloaded and installed the app can continue to play.

However, it can no longer be updated. The two companies are still in dispute. Therefore, the “Fortress Hero Fortnite” method for iPhone players will not appear in the App Store. Instead, it will use the NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud service version, which will provide a rich game database, including of course Fortnite.

According to the BBC report , Nvidia has indeed developed a cloud service version of Nvidia GeForce Now. This platform can be run on the mobile in the web browser Safari. In this way, there is no need to sell any virtual items in Apple.

If this is true, you can play this textured game on Apple iPhone or iPad. It also tests how Nvidia handles the massive computing problems of the game through remote services and quickly transmits it to players using iPhone or iPad.

Apple has many restrictions on the games listed in the App Store, but it is mentioned in the App Store guide: “In addition to the App Store, Apple has opened up Internet and Web browser apps to reach users.” This is why Nvidia accepts The next service to be launched will be a Web App.

Other companies, including Amazon Luna cloud gaming service, also use Web App to serve iPhone users. According to reports, Microsoft is also developing a Web App version of Xbox Game Pass for iPhone.