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China records high TV viewership during the corona pandemic

Besides TV, people in China also participate in many other recreational activities on the Internet or work online.
Gizmochina news TV audience in China has risen to record levels during coronavirus outbreak. Many people choose to spend time with TV and phone instead of performing traditional activities on Tet holiday like every year.

Data source from Huawei Cloud shows that the number of smart TV users increased by 11% compared to the average annual time. Even compared to the lunar new year, this number has increased by more than 70%.

According to Gizmochina , the number of long holidays due to the corona virus outbreak makes it difficult for many families to plan what they will do during this time. Therefore, entertainment with TVs becomes a safe entertainment solution now. In addition, the restriction of movement also makes them not have much choice.

In addition, TV has also become an important tool to help people update the virus outbreak situation during this special period.

Besides TV, Chinese people are also more active on the Internet environment or working online to reduce boredom during this time. That makes many tech companies operating in gaming, team applications or health consulting benefit.

Short videos have also become a source of entertainment for people in China. Video sharing services are not just for killing time. Residents of Wuhan, where the virus outbreaks are currently blocked, use short video apps like Douyin and Kuaishou to post the latest news on the plague or record their daily lives.

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