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Chinese girls train in hotel lobby because of isolation

The Chinese women’s team is unable to play on the pitch while in isolation in a hotel in Australia due to concerns about the spread of the corona virus.
On the evening of January 30, the article on Sina reported: “The Chinese women’s soccer team was in Australia to prepare for the 2020 Olympic qualifiers and had a special training session. The team did a physical exercise. in the hotel lobby where they are stationed. The reason is that the team is being quarantined on demand. ”

According to Sina , the players are isolated resulting in training problems. They are not allowed to practice on the pitch but must practice in the hotel lobby. The female players set up a chat group on social networks to encourage each other to overcome difficulties.

“No matter how hard the problem is, we all have to overcome it. We have to make an effort to stand on the Olympic stage and realize this dream,” a female player expressed her aspiration.

“The mentality of the players is still very good and can overcome any difficulties. This is not a problem for the team,” said China Football Association vice president Sun Wen.

On January 29, the Chinese women’s team went to Brisbane, Australia. However, this team is being quarantined due to concerns about the spread of the corona virus. The organizers asked them to stay in the hotel room until February 5, although Dr. Jeannette Young confirmed that the team members showed no signs of abnormalities.

According to Sina , the members of the women’s team have been tested at home before leaving for the tournament with a negative result and no abnormalities. However, the team is still tested again when it comes to Australia.

Previously, the 2020 Olympic qualifiers were planned to be held in Wuhan, but due to fears of an epidemic, it should be moved to Nanjing (China). However, due to the strong outbreak of the corona virus, the Asian Football Federation decided to relocate to Sydney (Australia) on January 26.

In this group, China will compete with Thailand, Taiwan (China) and Australia, to find the top two teams, participating in the play-off.

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