Cyperphone – a hybrid of iPhone 11 Pro with Tesla Cybertruck

The back of the phone is folded back and folds like a pickup from Tesla. This titanium version of the iPhone is expected to sell for less than $ 100,000.
Both Apple and Tesla are creating products that are highly sought after by consumers. In particular, iPhone 11 Pro and Cybertruck supercar are two typical products. This made Caviar, a famous luxury iPhone company, decided to combine the two products into one. The latest version of Caviar’s Cyberphone is a combination of an iPhone 11 Pro inside Cybertruck’s breakthrough design.

Caviar is known for creating strange versions of the iPhone. Its products are often covered with gold and diamond with hundreds of thousands of dollars. With this iPhone version, Caviar does not follow that style of design, it only changes the iPhone appearance with more square lines.

This is the iPhone version that is expected to cost under $ 100,000 first Caviar because it does not use gold and diamonds.
The back of the phone is folded back and folds like a pickup. This fold is used as a holder and a protective part for the iPhone. The entire body is made of titanium, protecting it from all external mechanical influences.

The design of the body is inspired by the geometry of Tesla Cybertruck. At the same time, it is improved aesthetically. Unlike previous times, Caviar does not announce product prices. Only 99 versions are made and buyers need to contact this company directly to know the price. With no precious materials like gold and diamonds, this version is expected to cost less than $ 100,000 .

The back cover of the device can be opened and used as a phone holder.
At Christmas 2019, Caviar also launched the iPhone 11 Pro version with precious materials. This iPhone version is called Credo Diamond Christmas Star. It belongs to the collection of religious Credo images of Caviar. iPhone 11 Pro will be plated with 18K gold and set with diamonds weighing over 3 carats.

The mosaic image on the back is the Nativity, Mary and Joseph. Buyers have two choices: iPhone 11 Pro for $ 129,000 , equivalent to nearly 3 billion or iPhone 11 Pro Max for $ 140,000 .

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