Don’t buy an iPhone now

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This is the time to wait if you want to buy a new iPhone.

As usual, Apple will introduce new iPhone lines soon. If you plan on spending around $ 1,000 to upgrade your phone, it’s best to wait until the iPhone 12 hits the shelves.

Apple sent out an invitation to launch new products on September 15, but most media believe that this event is only for Apple Watch and iPad. iPhone 12 will appear on another occasion, possibly falling in October.

Apple itself has also teased about this. During its quarterly financial report release, CFO Luca Maestri said that the new product will hit shelves a few weeks later than the iPhone 11. If that turns out to be true then this is the first time in years, Apple no new iPhones are introduced in September.

Business Insider believes that users should suspend the intention to upgrade the iPhone to avoid falling into the situation where the device is “dead” after only a few weeks.

iPhone 12 is expected to support 5G network, powerful Apple A14 processor, additional size options, square design similar to iPad Pro and equipped with OLED screens on all versions.

Currently, 5G connectivity may not matter because the network infrastructure is still deployed, not operating widely. However, if you’ve spent approximately $ 1,000 on a new device, you’ll want to use it for at least 2 years or more. By then, 5G will have become the broad standard.

An iPhone 12 Pro build based on rumors

An iPhone 12 Pro build based on rumors. Photo: Everything Apple Pro.

A very important point is the OLED display. This panel provides a deep black display, darker colors than the LCD screen, helping to enhance the experience during use.

Even if you want to buy older iPhone models, you should still wait for the iPhone 12 to launch. Apple usually cuts the price of old iPhones when it introduces new products.

Last year, they lowered the price of the iPhone XR 2018 to $ 600 after the launch of the iPhone 11 series, which is $ 150 cheaper than before.

In case you have to buy an iPhone right away, can’t wait a few more weeks, Business Insider advises users to choose the iPhone SE.

This is a “cheap” phone that has just been launched by Apple earlier this year, possessing many features of the iPhone 11 but its compact size and very reasonable price.

According to many leaked information in the past, “defective apple” will introduce 4 new iPhone models, including 2 standard versions with 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch screens, and 2 Pro versions with 6-screen, 1 inch, 6.7 inches.

In addition to the Apple A14 chipset, OLED panel, and 5G network, the company can also add and improve other features of this line of devices such as LiDAR sensor, 120 Hz refresh rate screen, camera optimization.