Dutch expert claims to have hacked Trump’s Twitter

A Dutch security expert claims to have obtained the password of US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.
Dutch media reported that Trump’s Twitter account was hacked last week, after security expert Victor Gevers correctly guessed the password of his account was “maga2020!”.

Gevers shared that after knowing the password, he could access Mr. Trump’s message box, post articles and edit account information.

According to The Guardian, the password “maga2020!” tried by Gevers 5 times and was successful. Maga stands for Make America Great Again, the familiar campaign slogan of President Trump.

“I think I’ll be blocked from signing in after four failed attempts, or at least asked for more information,” Gevers told De Volkskrant.

Meanwhile, Twitter rejected Gevers’ claim.

The article posted on De Volkskrant on October 22. “We have been proactively implementing security measures for the accounts of a group of famous people involved in the US presidential election, including federal government agencies,” a Twitter spokesman said.

However, Gevers insists he can access Mr. Trump’s account with ease, proving the president does not apply basic security measures like 2-step authentication.

Having access to Mr. Trump’s account means Gevers can connect with 87 million users who are following the president’s account. According to De Volkskrant, that made Gevers panic a bit.

“Therefore, Gevers sought to warn the campaign team and Mr. Trump’s family. He sent a message on Twitter calling attention to Mr. Trump about the account being insecure. Gevers even tagged the CIA (the US Central Intelligence Agency), the White House, the FBI (the US Federal Bureau of Investigation), and even Twitter, but no one responded, ” De Volkskrant reported.

According to Gevers, Mr. Trump’s account triggered 2-step authentication a day after he had access. Two days later, he was contacted by the US Secret Service, thanking for warning of this security situation.

This isn’t the first time Gevers has had access to President Trump’s Twitter. In 2016, he and two others guessed Mr. Trump’s account password was “yourefired”.