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Facebook is preparing big changes: it wants to hide likes.

Facebook is considering introducing a change to one of its most recognizable functions. This is to protect users from jealousy and comparison with others.

According to techcrunch.com , Facebook is considering hiding the “Like” counter. Thus, joining Instagram, which is already testing this function in seven countries. Users in these countries see not the full number of photo likes, but a few names of mutual friends who also reacted to the photo.

Facebook wants to hide the number of likes – will the “race for likes” end?

This change will make it harder for users to compare with others. “Race for likes” is designed to be destructive enough for some people that it can lead to problems with self-acceptance and malaise if their photo or post does not get the right number of likes. Instagram is already testing hiding the number of likes in Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland and Japan. The user can see how many likes his/her photo has gained. However, other users no longer have access to this number.

In addition, this way Facebook wants to curb self-censorship, i.e. deleting posts that, according to a given user, have gained too little popularity. According to TechCrunch, this decision by the platform may be caused by the decreasing number of photos published on Facebook. More photos, so-called everyday, is available via Instagram and Snapchat.

Facebook confirmed that it is considering conducting tests to hide the number of likes. The company will most likely be gradually examining the impact of this feature on the site. Therefore, there is a risk that it will withdraw, if for this reason Facebook begins to bring less profit, e.g. from advertising.

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