Factors to consider when choosing a Bluetooth speaker or headset

The trend of using audio devices that support wireless technology makes Bluetooth headsets and speakers much sought after by tech followers.
Listening to music from devices paired with complex wiring is increasingly being eliminated by the rapidly developing wireless audio technology. Bluetooth speakers or headsets that allow remote connection are a favorite among techies. However, to choose an appropriate device, users need to rely on many factors.

                                                                             SOUND QUALITY
This is the first important factor when choosing a Bluetooth speaker or headset. Accordingly, the speaker must show the full range of bass and treble, especially when used with high volume, the speaker is not subject to the sound. Bluetooth headsets are rated based on clear sound quality, no distortion and noise filtering.

With long experience in the field of audio, Sony is a technology enthusiast appreciated by the thick sound quality of Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

In the ExtraBass SRS-XB12 and SRS-XB32 Bluetooth speakers, in addition to the well-cared bass for EDM tracks, the company also supports Party Booster mode that produces bass when typing into the speaker and Live Sound with the experience. Three-dimensional sound. As for headsets like WI-C310 or WH-CH510, Sony focuses on creating a clear sound range, the bass is not too thick, the treble is bright, detailed, not glare.

Speakers or Bluetooth headsets today are designed increasingly compact, fashionable for users to use as a personality enhancement accessories.

Gone are the days when the whole group of young people gathered or went on picnics and carried along bulky enclosures, which were both inconvenient and difficult to apply to street style pictures. Instead, compact Bluetooth speakers like SRS-XB12 or SRS-XB32 of Sony’s Extra Bass series become the ideal choice.

Possessing a variety of colors suitable for both men and women with feminine to dusty clothing sets, Sony’s Bluetooth speakers also integrate handy hangers, suitable for hand-held or hang on backpacks, waistband pants into fashion accessories.

Bluetooth headsets are also designed by technology companies. Compact is no longer the only standard, factors such as flexibility, light weight and especially fashion are also focused in parallel.

Typically with Sony’s Bluetooth headset: If the WI-C310 of the in-ear line has a neckband style strap around the neck, the WH-CH510 over-ear line is designed to fit the ear with 2 color options, quality Light material, high mobility, easy to put on the neck or in a backpack.Small in-ear headphones are often favored by women.

Besides the design and sound quality, Bluetooth speakers and headphones also need to integrate many smart features to support users. This device is often used for outdoor activities, picnics or sports. Therefore, features such as the ability to connect to Bluetooth at a distance, water, dust, good battery life … are essential, helping to experience the fuller.

Sony has integrated IP67 water and dust resistance for the SRS-XB12 and SRS-XB32 Bluetooth speakers, allowing the device to operate normally when submerged at a depth of 1 m for 30 minutes and prevented road dust. Glass up to 75 μm. With the WI-C310 headset, it also supports IPX4 water resistance, which helps the device withstand sweat or light splashing.

In addition, the ability to connect from a distance is also a special feature of the pair of devices from Sony. If the wireless speakers support Bluetooth connectivity at distances of 30m, headsets like the WI-C310 can connect up to 40m.

According to Sony, the device has a long battery life, up to 16 hours continuously for speakers, 15 hours for WI-C310 headphones and 35 hours for WH-CH510 headphones. Therefore, Sony Bluetooth speakers and headphones promise to bring a complete experience for gatherings or spring trips of friends or family. The Japanese technology firm also integrates the quick call feature of Google Assistant in WI-C310 and WI-C200 with just one operation.

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