Former Google CEO: Social media is an amplifier for fools

Instead of blaming Google, the former CEO said that US officials need to act more drastically on social media platforms.

On October 20, the US Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Google in Washington Federal Court, accusing the company of abusing its position to harm customers and competitors. Shortly thereafter, Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, has denied this allegation. At the same time that US officials have chosen the wrong “target”.

“We have no intention of turning social media into an amplifier for idiots and madness. The industry should work smarter together to create regulations, ”said Schmidt during an online meeting held by the Wall Street Journal on October 21.

The former CEO said the excessive presence of social media could affect the future of the Internet platform’s adjustment process. Although he left the board of Alphabet (the parent company of Google), Schmidt is still a major shareholder. According to him, the new social media platforms are where US lawmakers should be targeting.

According to Bloomberg, YouTube and Google have tried to limit misinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic and American politics for many years. The two major social networks in the world, Facebook and Twitter, have also received a lot of criticism when letting false messages spread recently.

The former CEO of the company argued that Google’s success came from user choice, not from the company squeezing the activities of its smaller competitors. Back in 2006, Schmidt chaired the acquisition of the YouTube platform for $ 1.65 billion. He then held the position of CEO of Google until 2011 and was the executive chairman of Alphabet until 2018.

“I will be careful when talking about these matters. I simply disagree with the allegations. Google’s market share is not 100% “, Mr. Schmidt said when asked about the lawsuit that Google is facing.