From now on, smartphones and laptops will have a more stable network connection

The new Wi-Fi standard, which is expected to be widely integrated on many technology devices this year, will greatly increase the quality of network connectivity.
The past decade marked an important change in personal technology: most smart devices are equipped with Wi-Fi. That makes Wi-Fi transmitters have to connect with many devices in the house, so the bandwidth for each device is also reduced, directly affecting the connection speed.

Increasing bandwidth is the most attractive point that the Wi-Fi 6 standard promises. Wi-Fi 6 compatible devices have been introduced since 2019, but they will explode this year.

According to The Verge, at CES 2020 Wi-Fi 6 compatible transmitters and devices are everywhere. If you want to upgrade your home Wi-Fi transmitters to the latest standards, this year is the right time.

Wi-Fi 6 upgrade what?
It should be recognized that Wi-Fi 6 will not help speed up your Internet connection, or at least not significantly increase. Home Internet connection in Vietnam is usually less than 100 Mb / s, much lower than 3.5 Gb / s bandwidth according to the theory of the current Wi-Fi 5 standard. Therefore, the current Wi-Fi standard is more than enough to meet the needs when only a few devices connect at the same time.

When upgrading to Wi-Fi 6, the theoretical bandwidth will increase to 9.6 Gb / s. This increase will help more devices connect at the same time without affecting the speed of each other. Of course, to take advantage of the new bandwidth, both the transmitter and the device must support the new Wi-Fi standard.

Currently, only expensive transmitters and high-end smartphones and laptops have built-in Wi-Fi 6. In general, Wi-Fi 6 is designed primarily for public places or many people share one. Wi-Fi network, mainly for Internet of Things – IoT technology.

Users of the new standard device will notice a significant difference, especially the ability to allow 50 people to use Wi-Fi at the same time.

In the next few years, Wi-Fi 6 will make significant progress. Wi-Fi 6E can use the additional 6 GHz frequency, besides the existing 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands, which can bring even higher bandwidth. This standard is currently awaiting approval by the US Telecommunications Commission (FCC).

Wi-Fi 6 support is getting cheaper
With more and more manufacturers supporting Wi-Fi 6, transmitters will be much cheaper. Wi-Fi 6 transmitters in 2019 are still priced at over $ 200 , so users who want to upgrade will also have to wonder.

At CES this year, many lower-cost, $ 100 Wi-Fi transmitters were on display, including mesh transmitters.

Nighthawk Mesh, Netgear’s first Wi-Fi 6-enabled mesh transmitter, costs $ 230 for a set of two transmitters. Mesh is a technology that connects multiple transmitters together, providing better coverage, and smoother conversion when users move within the broadcast area. Mesh technology will be very useful in homes with large area, multiple floors or complex designs.

In addition to Netgear, other well-known network brands such as TP-Link and D-Link all introduce new sets with reasonable prices at CES this year.

In 2019, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are the most notable devices that incorporate the new Wi-Fi standard. At CES, we could see Wi-Fi 6 on many laptops like the Lenovo Legion Y740S, Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 or Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Alpha. This trend will continue throughout the year 2020, and maybe mid-range smartphones and laptops support Wi-Fi 6 later this year.

In addition to Wi-Fi 6, 5G will also increase speed and connectivity on 2020 devices. Razer and Linksys will introduce transmitters that combine both 5G and conventional fiber optic networks, which support Wi- Fi 6 to provide the fastest, most stable connection for users.

If you are a technology device addict, with dozens of devices in your house always connected to the transmitter, 2020 is the right time for you to upgrade your Wi-Fi 6 connection.

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