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Galaxy Z Flip and the challenge of a folding smartphone

Has the folding screen smartphone really become a product for everyone?
At the CES exhibition in January, a series of folding screen technology devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops … were released. During the Unpacked 2020 event on February 12, Samsung introduced the second foldable smartphone with the name Galaxy Z Flip.

In Vietnam, Galaxy Z Flip is priced at VND 36 million. This is considered one of the suitable options if you want to experience a folding screen smartphone, strong configuration with many technologies attached.

Galaxy Z Flip is sold in 3 colors: Mirror Purple (purple), Mirror Black (black) and Mirror Gold (yellow). In addition to the luxurious clamshell folding design, the back of the Z Flip glass is specially treated to create many different reflection angles when users fold the machine. With a width of 73.6 mm, users can easily hold the device with one hand, lying neatly when pocketed in a pocket or bag.

Besides the 6.7-inch Full HD + main screen, the Galaxy Z Flip also has a 1.1-inch external screen for displaying the date and time, even used as a viewfinder if you want to take a selfie using the camera cluster angle. 12 MP wide and 12 MP super wide angle.

2020 is expected to be the booming year of foldable smartphones, but there are still challenges for manufacturers if they want these devices to become popular.

According to Samsung Electronics’ vice president, Taejoong Kim, the needs of smartphone users are increasingly diverse, they want a device with a large screen but still ensure portability, so folding screens are the technology we pay attention to. important.

“The Galaxy Z series brings a new breeze to foldable smartphones, including fashion designs for everyday life of users,” said Kim.

Carolina Milanesi, an analyst from Creative Strategies, takes a different perspective, that users need something really new that excites them and pays for product upgrades. Fold-screen smartphones are one of them, but the big problem they have is their durability.

Users are accustomed to dropping their phones over and over or using them in the rain. Folding screen smartphones do not serve this habit. They don’t have an IP rating because they can’t be completely sealed like conventional smartphones, at least for the time being.

When the Galaxy Z Flip was launched, Samsung announced that it was equipped with an Ultra Thin Glass screen. This is considered a breakthrough when previous foldable smartphones use plastic screens, flexible but very easy to scratch. Switching to glass screen will help the machine more durable, suitable for long-term use. This may take time to verify from the consumer.

Manufacturers are often very “talkative” when talking about the durability of folding screens. Lenovo tested the ThinkPad X1 Fold laptop by dropping sand on the screen hinge, Samsung advertised that the Z Flip could be folded and opened 200,000 times. But in CNET ‘s test , the Motorola Razr broke the screen after less than 27,000 folds.

After the Galaxy Fold was delayed on sale last year due to screen defects and tests on the Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola Razr, it can be said that durability is still a weakness to be fixed as quickly as possible of the folding screen smartphone, if want a foothold in the market instead of just stopping in the trend.

Analysts from Creative Strategies said that durability is not the ultimate goal of foldable smartphones, but if they are too fragile, users will be hesitant to buy. Fold-screen smartphones do not have many practical applications in addition to fashion advantages compared to boring bars. Companies may be testing to see what users really need in foldable devices.

According to Milanesi, it will be interesting to track foldable or dual-screen smartphones like the Surface Duo coming in the future. In fact, if one of the world’s largest mobile carriers like Samsung doesn’t risk testing Galaxy Fold or Flip, or Motorola launches the Razr, the smartphone race will be extremely boring.

“Many people think that two screens are a stepping stone for folding screens, and folding screens are a stepping stone to AR and VR,” Milanesi said.

In addition to the folding screen smartphone, Samsung also hopes 5G network technology will push users to upgrade smartphones. The South Korean company is confident that 20% of smartphones sold in 2020 will support 5G, up sharply from 1% last year.

Milanesi said that the impact of 5G on the market will be very small compared to user expectations for a high-end smartphone. However, if Apple releases the iPhone with 5G right this year, things may change

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