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Germany: Burglary into the royal treasury in Dresden.

The thieves broke into the Dresden castle, where the famous jewel collection has been exhibited since the time of Augustus II the Strong. According to the German press, losses can be calculated in hundreds of millions of euros.

On Monday morning, thieves broke into the famous “Green Vault” art gallery in Dresden, which has one of the richest gem collections in Europe. It is not yet known how many exhibits were stolen. The Bild newspaper claims it could be the greatest theft of works of art in Germany’s post-war history .

According to the newspaper, jewels worth hundreds of millions or even a billion euros had been stolen by thieves. The police have not yet confirmed this information. They only admitted that there was a burglary and the perpetrators are wanted.

Diamonds, gold, ivory

The “Green Vault” Gallery is part of the treasury located at the Dresden Castle. The Saxon elector and Polish king August II Mocny ordered the rebuilding of the treasury in 1723-1729 and making its resources available to the public. There are works of jewelery and goldsmith art belonging to the king, objects of ivory, stones and precious bronzes.

Reacting to information about the burglary, the prime minister of Saxony Michael Kretschmer said that it is impossible to understand the history of Saxony without the “Green Vault”.

“Bild” reports that the perpetrators entered the castle around five in the morning. Earlier, they set fire to the transformer box, which cut off the power supply to the castle and turned off the alarm. They burst in through the window.

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