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Google Chrome and Firefox attacked by Russian hackers.

Google Chrome and Firefox are the two most popular browsers in Europe, used by over 85 percent. users. It turns out that Russian hackers have created a special code that can intercept traffic – warns Kaspersky.

The threat was caught by experts from Kaspersky who deal with the creation of anti-virus software. What do we know about the latest creation by Russian hackers?

According to Slashgear , this virus is code that can replace certificates, so that hackers can track encrypted traffic. The code is able to authenticate every activity of TLS (Transport Layer Security), i.e. a protocol ensuring confidentiality during data transmission. Importantly, it was created to attack users of two of the three most popular browsers in the world, namely Google Chrome and Firefox.

Google Chrome and Firefox are under attack. Who is behind this? Can we feel safe?

Behind the whole action are Russian hackers from the Turla group, which have been attacking government institutions and embassies around the world for over 10 years. In 2015, Kazakhstan, Russia , China and the United States were in the top four countries under attack . Poland ranks sixth.

It is not yet known why the hackers created the special code. However, the targets were in Russia and Belarus. It has long been speculated that the Turla group is acting under the protection of the Russian authorities.

For Google, hacker attacks are not the first to be recently. On Monday, we reported that due to a security vulnerability, some models of popular smartphones from brands such as Samsung, Xaiomi and Huawei are at risk of being taken over .

Google Chrome and Firefox are the two most popular web browsers in Europe, the use of which is 78.08 percent  and 6.69 percent respectively.

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