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Home fire at U22 Vietnam final, 4 people in a family were killed

At 1945h on Decemeber 10th, when everyone was watching the SEA Games 30 final soccer match between U22 Vietnam and U22 Indonesia, a serious fire occurred in the Residential Group 1C (Da Teh town, Da Teh district, Da Teh district). , Lâm Đồng) resulting in the death of a young couple and two young children.

Zing newspaper said that on the morning of December 11th, Da Teh district police in Lam Dong province were investigating a fire that killed 4 people in the family.

Victims of death include, Ms. To Thi Hien (34 years old) and her husband K’Nhan (23 years old), baby Ka Moc Tra (2 years) and Ka Thao Nguyen (over 3 months old).

According to the initial information in Tuoi Tre newspaper , at 1945h on Decemeber 10th, while people were watching the U22 soccer final between Vietnam and U22 Indonesia, a serious fire occurred in the 1C Neighborhood. Three people in the same family were killed.

In the fire, Tra died on the spot, the other three were seriously burned and died at Lam Dong II Hospital this morning (December 11).

According to some witnesses, upon discovering that Mr. K’Nhan’s house was on fire, everyone went to their rescue. However, due to the house being locked inside, the rescue was difficult. After that, the firefighters approached the scene of putting out the fire and broke down the door to bring the victims out.

Also according to Zing , the authorities said, before the fire, K’Nhan went to drink alcohol and argued loudly with his wife. After the quarrel, K’Nhan brought gasoline cans to the bedroom, poured the gasoline on himself and his bed, then set himself on fire.

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