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Hot: The New York airport is undergoing major renovations.

LaGuardia in New York, considered one of the worst airports in the US, has just completed the second stage of reconstruction as a trumpet of eight billion dollars. A terminal was opened this week for Delta Airlines, which cost almost half that amount. When the investments are completed, New Yorkers are to get an airport adapted to the standards of the 21st century.

Everyone who has ever had the opportunity to fly from LaGuardia Airport (LGA) in New York knows that this is not a pleasant thing. The airport at the northern tip of Queens is a nightmare for travelers, and in many rankings receives the dubious honor of being a leader among the worst airports in the United States.

An airport you don’t want to fly from

Built in 1939, LaGuardia Airport was the primary airport for New York for many years. Unfortunately, in the 1950s the role of LGA dropped significantly and the port went a bit off. The terminals have been neglected and due to lack of repairs they are already severely bitten by the tooth of time.

Today, LaGuardia is called an airport with nightmares. Passengers complain that it is dirty, outdated and lacks solutions that are standard at modern airports. In addition, travelers are tired of constant delays and huge crowds, because – thanks to the great location next to Manhattan – LaGuardia still serves a large part of domestic flights to New York.

A new terminal adapted to today’s standards

The first refurbishment at a New York airport in a long time was an absolute necessity and was planned some time ago. In December 2018 , the reconstruction of the main B terminal was completed, which was the first milestone in adapting LaGuardia to modern standards.

This week, airport officials have proudly boasted another success. After more than two years of construction, the C terminal for Delta Airlines was opened , i.e. the largest LGA line and one of the largest carriers in the world.

The said building has been completely rebuilt. It has become much more spacious, better lit and has an area of ​​105 thousand. square feet – explains Delta Airlines in its announcement . It has also been adapted to today’s standards – among others feeding rooms and spaces for guide dogs.

New rows of chairs have been erected in the renovated hall – all with electric sockets. For this new, more intuitive gate markings and displays showing information needed by travelers have appeared.

The airport also boasts that a lot of space has been developed for numerous restaurants that offer a wide range of dishes depending on culinary preferences.

Giant money has been invested

The construction of the C terminal was part of a larger investment costing 3.9 billion dollars. The lion’s share was contributed by Delta Airlines ($ 3.3 billion). The remaining $ 600 million has been paid by the authorities of New York airports (Port Authority of New York and New Jersey) – reports CNN.

As part of the same investment, the former D terminal is also being renovated (which is also mainly used by Delta). Work began in 2017, but is still ongoing.

However, less than four billion dollars is only part of the amount that was allocated to the modernization of LaGuardia airport. In total, the airport reconstruction will consume as much as eight billion dollars. Counting at the current exchange rate, it is about PLN 30.6 billion, which is about six billion less than the planned cost of the Central Communication Port in Poland.

The ready LaGuardian airport is to have a longitudinal terminal consisting of four halls, which will be created by connecting tunnels of the current airport terminals. A total of 37 goals will be available to travelers.

LaGuardia, i.e. the first large airport in New York

LaGuardia airport was established in 1939 in the New York district of Queens at the site of a small landing pad and immediately turned out to be a bull’s-eye. Residents of the largest city in the United States flocked to the airport to start their journey and watch planes taking off and landing. Earnings turned out to be higher than estimated, and the growing air traffic meant that a year later the nearby small Holmes Airport had to be closed.

Unfortunately, the port of LaGuardia has become a hostage to its popularity. After only a few years, the terminal became crowded and it was necessary to build another airport that would take over some of the traffic. That is why in 1948 the port of John F. Kennedy (then Idlewild Airport) was opened, i.e. the famous JFK, which is still the main airport for New York.

Currently, JFK serves 62 million passengers a year, and the next large New York airport – Newark-Liberty, located next door in New Jersey – receives another 46 million passengers. LaGuardia with a traffic of 30 million people annually seems quite small, although it must be remembered that it is exactly as much as all airports in Poland recorded in 2015 (there were almost 46 million passengers in 2018).

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