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How does smoke from Australian wildfires impact the world?

Forest fires in Australia began in September 2019 and continued for a long time. Many places have extremely poor air quality due to dust and other gases.

The US space agency (NASA) has just released a short video showing the global impact of smoke created from recent wildfires in Australia. Each color represents a different aerosol.

Aerosols, or aerosols, are particles suspended in the air in colloidal form larger than 0.2 micrometers (fog is an example of aerosol). They are often more harmful to human health than good.

According to NASA , besides the wildfires in Australia, Typhoon Dorian or some big fires in Indonesia and South America are also the cause of the phenomenon. The colors used in the video include orange for dust, blue screen for sea salt, pink for nitrate and red for carbon. Darker colors also represent greater amounts of aerosols in that area.

NASA video shows smoke from bushfires in Australia spreading throughout the world. Smoke has entered the troposphere and the stratosphere.

According to Slashgear , although it has spread to many places, the smoke is mainly concentrated in South America and spread throughout the Pacific Ocean. Many parts of Australia also have extremely poor air quality due to smog and other gases from wildfires.

Australia’s forest fires began in September and continued for a long time. The fires have now burned more than 56,000 square kilometers of land, leaving thousands of people evacuated and adversely affecting the environment.

The range of forest fires is also very large. New South Wales has declared a third emergency in recent months. The previous two were in November and December 2019, each lasting 7 days. On January 2, thousands of people were evacuated from the southern coast of New South Wales.

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