How to Change WhatsApp on an Android Phone to look like the iPhone version

Being an application that is used every day by many users, WhatsApp is known for its minimalist appearance. Not only that, this application even only provides two themes, namely light mode and dark mode.

With this display, users often feel bored and want to try something new. One of them is exchanging themes between WhatsApp Android and iOS. Even though there isn’t much difference, there are still many Android users who want to try the WhatsApp display on the iPhone or other Apple device.

If you are one of those people who want to try it, here are the steps you should take as reported by various sources!

1. Difference between WhatsApp on Android and iOS

The appearance of WhatsApp on Android and iOS does have several differences. On iOS devices, all menus appear greyish white when you use light mode. While on Android, the top menu appears in the typical green WhatsApp.

The same is true when you enter a chat room. On iOS, the display appears grayish-white with the default WhatsApp wallpaper. While on Android devices, chat rooms are decorated with green on the contact name.

The next difference lies in the Chat, Status, Calls, and Settings menu. On Android, the four are at the top, while on iOS, the menus are at the bottom. So if you look around, WhatsApp on the iPhone and other Apple devices looks more minimalistic.

2. You must download the YoWhatsApp application

Then how do you change the appearance of WhatsApp Android to iOS? Wait a minute, there are a few things you should know and prepare beforehand.

Please note that to change the theme, you need another application that is not listed on the Play Store. Even though it is classified as safe according to the reviews of many people, if you don’t want to take risks, it’s best to cancel your intentions.

The application you need to download is YoWhatsApp from Fouad. You can get it here. Next, you also have to download the WhatsApp for iPhone theme script which is widely available on the internet in XML format.

3. Uninstall the original WhatsApp and install YoWhatsApp

Before installing YoWhatsApp, you must uninstall the WhatsApp application on your smartphone. Make sure you do backups of chats and media so that all chat history is not lost.

After that, start the YoWhatsApp installation that you downloaded. When it is installed, you must log in to your WhatsApp account as usual. Don’t forget to sync it with the backup you have done before.

4. Change the WhatsApp theme to look like iOS

Next, we have come to the moment we have been waiting for, namely changing the theme. Before that, you have to prepare the theme script that was downloaded earlier. Make sure you know where your location saves the file.

After that, here are the steps you have to do:

  1. Open the YoWhatsApp application;
  2. Click the dot icon in the upper right corner, click Fouad Mods;
  3. Enter the YoSettings menu ;
  4. Click YoThemes;
  5. Select Load Themes or Load Themes;
  6. Go to the location where the theme script is stored, click the file ;
  7. Wait for a moment. After that, the display will change and look like WhatsApp on the iPhone.

5. You can also get various other features from YoWhatsApp

Apart from changing the theme, by using the YoWhatsApp application, there are several other things you can try. First, you can get a wider variety of emojis. Second, you can send videos with a larger size, which is up to 700MB. There is also a lock feature to secure chat.

That’s how to change the WhatsApp theme on an Android phone to look like WhatsApp on iPhone and other iOS devices. It’s not difficult, right? Interested in trying it? Let us know.