Importance of money in Life – Guide

One evening, six friends who recently graduated from the college went to their favourite professor’s house to meet him. Everyone of them is now doing jobs in different companies.

While talking with the professor, everyone of them admitted how much life had become hard and complicated after college. They complained about working for 8 to 9 hours per day, and the rude behavior of their boss, office politics, competition. And most importantly they told that, now everyone just understand and talk about only one thing that is money money and money.

After listening to their complaint, the professor said to them, “You guys please wait. Let me bring some tea for you.” Then he made 6 cups of tea for 6 students.

But 3 of those cups were made of plastic disposal material. And the remaining 3 cups were made of fine Chinese clay and were very beautifully designed. The professor requested them to get up and serve themselves. Within a second, they started arguing with each other.

One said, “no no, that cup is mine. Why will you get that?”. Another one said,” bro, i drove the car in here, so the nice cup should be mine”.

“Oh oh! wait, But who entered the room first?” While laughing and saying all those things to other, they also started pushing each other like kids.

A cold competition became clearly visible among the friends.

When finally they stopped cat fighting and sat back with a cup of tea, the professor, looking at them, smiled and said “See, this is the problem. You were arguing with each other that who should get the nice cup and who shouldn’t. But none of you is going to eat the cup. You will drink only the tea inside it. And that’s the same in every cup”. Just like this, the main aim of our life is to be happy and for that we need some money. But many times, forgetting our main purpose and abandoning our own happiness, we just start to run meaninglessly chasing money like a fool.

The reason behind this, is that most people in this society judge a person by the person’s job and the amount of money the person has. That means, they judge by looking at the tea cups, not the tea. Whereas the truth is, that if the tea is really fine, you can enjoy it even in a plastic disposal cup. But if the tea is not good, then you can never enjoy it even if you drink it in a cup worth rupees.

Yes, from outside it can seem to be a very big deal. Oh! someone is taking tea in a cup worth rupees of 1 lakh. But from inside, there will be no enjoyment. But it doesn’t conclude that there is no value of money in our life.

Obviously, there is a value of money in our life. But we wrongly understand exactly how much that is. Just like time, knowledge and happiness, money is also a wealth of our life.

And in life, we collect one type of wealth by spending another type of wealth. We buy books spending money to gain knowledge. We spend time with our close ones to get happiness. In this way we keep interchanging them. When we buy something using money, like a expensive phone, we not only buy that phone only, but also buy everything which is related with that phone-like experience. For example, social status.

However, the real problem arises when we forget the difference between what is our need and what is luxury. There is a saying, “the things you own end up owning you”.

We may buy a lot of things, earn a lot of money. However, this disease of wanting more has never been treated. For which we just go round and round in life in a cyclical loop.

First by taking a lot of stress on us, we earn money and then we spend that money to reduce the stress. For example, by watching movies or going for a tour with friends. Those who get stuck in this type of life cycle, usually have just one aim in their life, and that is to earn money.

And this turns them into slaves of money. After that, they no longer spend money. Instead, money starts to spend them, unless and until they come out of this rat race after understanding the truth or they finally die.

Their every single thought starts from money and ends with money. In this way, it is impossible to become truly rich. Because, to become truly rich, one must earn money with a positive experience and also have to spend that money happily with a positive experience.

So the only way to come out of this rat race, is to clearly understand, what is the actual value of money. To be happy in life, you will need many things. For instance, health and relationships. Money is just one of them, but not everything.

Just like Sandeep Maheswari once said, “Money is as important as fuel in a car. Neither less than that, nor more than that. Without fuel, a car cannot move. However, we never drive a car just to fill up it with more fuel. We use the fuel to move the car from one place to another. That’s it.” At last a little request from you:

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