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India leads the world in the number of deaths due to environmental pollution

New research published shows that environmental pollution is responsible for 2 million deaths in India every year.

According to research by Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP), India leads the world in the number of deaths related to environmental pollution, followed by China and Nigeria. Pollution is also a major cause of premature death, accounting for 15% (about 8.3 million deaths).

Of the 10 countries with the most deaths from environmental pollution in 2017, there are also the largest and richest countries in the world, in addition to some poorer countries, according to the Guardian.

India and China lead the way in deaths from this cause, with around 2.3 million deaths and 1.8 million deaths respectively for each country, followed by Nigeria, Indonesia and Pakistan. The United States ranked seventh with about 200,000 deaths.

The study also found the highest pollution death rates in the poorest countries, with poor air quality and running water. The Republic of Chad, Central Africa and North Korea are the three countries with the highest mortality rates per 100,000 people (287, 251 and 202, respectively).

Among the types of pollution, air pollution is the cause of 40% of the related deaths. The same number of deaths from air pollution in China and India is 1.2 million.

“This report reminds us that environmental pollution is a global crisis. No matter where you live, pollution will come to you,” says Rachael Kupka, acting executive director of GAHP.

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