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Inside the new Tinder office with a lunch restaurant

Meals at the Tinder office in San Francisco are alternately served by regional restaurants instead of pre-cooked in the kitchen like some other companies.

The new office of popular dating app Tinder in San Francisco is located in a building built a century ago called Rialto, Soma district.

This new office was opened on November 6. Currently only about 30 employees work here. Tinder is recruiting about 25 more positions, most of which focus on product and engineering.

Employees living in areas east of the city across the bay also benefit from San Francisco’s new location. Previously, these employees had to travel quite far to their offices in Palo Alto, California.

After stressful working hours, Tinder employees can come to this special room for a massage or yoga for recreation.

Treadmill is also equipped for employees right at their desks.

The office dining room is always full of snacks and is equipped with a high-quality water filtration system.

Office meals are served daily by many local restaurants in San Francisco.

This is a difference of Tinder compared to some other technology companies that often provide free lunches in the form of self-catering in the kitchen.

Staff can use the elevator to access the rooftop seating area and view the glazed high-rise buildings in the city.

With over 300 million downloads, 5 million subscription account packages, Tinder is currently the highest revenue dating app in the world.

However convenient, many studies have shown that Tinder is being used by law to serve its own purpose, and managers have not found a way to solve them. The app has more than three-quarters of its male users – a disproportionate difference.

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