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iPhone 12 will be as powerful as the PC

The 5 nm manufacturing process helps the A14 chip on iPhone 12 to have more transistors and can achieve the same score as the PC using 6-core CPU or 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Based on recent leaked information, the next iPhone series will have an iPhone 4-inspired design, a better camera, support for 5G mobile networks, 6GB of RAM. However, the iPhone 12 has a notable upgrade, the A14 processor.

MacWorld reported that this is the first chip of “defective Apple” to move from a 7 nm manufacturing process to 5 nm. While Huawei’s Kirin 990 chip with eight 7-nm cores contains only 10.3 billion transistors, the figure of A14 is 15 billion.

Apple Insider says the new 5 nm process has completed the design since mid-2019. It uses ultraviolet etching (EUV) printing technology, which is much cheaper than the Argon fluoride immersion (ArF) soaking techniques. now available.

According to iMore , GeekBench 5 is a popular software used to measure the strength of phones and computers. Currently, the most powerful Android phone only scores 3,000 points in the test from the above application. With 5 nm technology, A14 chip can reach 4,500 points, even 5,000 if overclocked, equivalent to the power of PCs using 6-core CPU or 15-inch MacBook Pro.

9to5mac said, with a powerful A14 chip and 6 GB of RAM, the gaming performance of the next generation iPhone will increase by 50% compared to the current version.

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