Did iPhone 9 delay launch due to corona virus?

The lack of supply due to factories shut down to avoid viruses may cause iPhone 9 to miss an appointment with the user.
Since the outbreak so far, the Covid-19 epidemic has affected every field. In just one month, technology in general and mobile in particular have been affected by this virus.

MWC 2020, the most anticipated mobile exhibition of the year, has been canceled following a series of broken product launch plans. In addition, the fact that factories in China have been closed makes it difficult for many manufacturers, including Apple.

In its fourth-quarter financial report, Apple targets revenue of US $ 63-67 billion in the first quarter of 2020. CEO Tim Cook said the $ 4 billion difference depends on the disease outbreak caused by the corona virus.

There have been many predictions about iPhone 9 production (an upgrade of the iPhone SE) affected by factories shut down, but still enough to provide a certain number of users. However, a new source on February 18 acknowledged that the situation could be worse when difficulties from the supply chain will last until April, seriously affecting Apple’s plans to launch cheap iPhones.

Expected to launch in late March, Apple is expected to mass produce iPhone 9 in February, estimated to produce 15 million units to provide in the first half of 2020, but everything has stalled due to corona virus. lan.

Factories in China are trying to work to meet targets, but Nikkei said the unpredictable situation of the virus could prevent them from producing enough iPhone 9 as expected.

After a period of closing to avoid epidemics, many factories have re-operated with a limited number of employees, the capacity is only 50%. Due to unpredictable developments, factories have implemented many safety measures to ensure the virus does not spread such as isolation rooms, temperature sensor installation, stockpiling disinfection masks enough for 2 weeks.

Representative Foxconn, one of Apple’s largest suppliers, admits it takes at least one to two months to restore the production line to normal. They hope the situation could be better when more workers return to work from February 24.

Not only the production line, shipping and logistics companies are also affected by the outbreak of corona virus, which causes many roads to be closed, border inspection regulations become stricter.

With the question of whether or not the iPhone 9 will be released, many sources confirm that Apple will still launch the product in March, specifically March 31, but with the current situation, the supply of sufficient quantities to Meeting the needs of users is very difficult. It is likely that the new iPhone will be in short supply in the first batches before production begins to return to normal in April.

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