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iPhone: Hundreds of millions of Apple smartphones at risk of malicious access

Information about the Checkm8 exploit for iPhone has appeared on the Internet. It is a program that exploits a vulnerability in Apple devices that allows access to a locked smartphone. Hundreds of millions of iPhones are at risk, from iPhone 4S to iPhone X. Only models from 2019 and 2018 are safe.

Checkm8 is an exploit that cannot be fixed by a system update. To hack the device, the program exploits a vulnerability in the bootrom. In this way, you can upload a new system to the iPhone , bypassing its security. Lost or stolen iPhone will be able to be unlocked. it will also be possible to bypass Apple account lock.

Additionally, in the worst case scenario, devices that have not “changed” the owner may be at risk. It will be possible to create pages forcing the installation of a fake iOS system, which in turn creates the possibility of phishing information or even spying on the user of the device. It is possible, however, that you will need to connect your phone with a cable to your computer to use Checkm8, which can severely limit the software’s effectiveness.

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The problem concerns hundreds of millions of devices equipped with Apple processors from A5 to A11. Security is guaranteed only by replacing the iPhone with XS, XR and this year’s 11 and 11 Pro iPhones.

Jailbreak on the iPhone allows access to the kernel. However, Apple for 10 years got rid of the problem.
Apple imposes certain restrictions on its devices, allowing, for example, to install applications only from the App Store. This process protects users and ensures a more consistent and efficient system. Jailbreak gives us full power over the smartphone.

However, it also increases the risk of damage. What’s more experienced users through this modification carry out modifications to the system, trying to improve it. In the US, jailbreak has been declared legal. Apple, however, effectively patched the loopholes allowing such system modifications for almost a decade. This is the first such serious flaw in the system since 2009.

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