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List of the world’s most profitable companies

As we all know, looking at the global smartphone sales rankings, the top three have always been occupied by Samsung, Huawei, and Apple. As the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer, Samsung also has a very complete mobile phone supply chain, which is almost global.

The only brand that can achieve independent research and development and mass production, so it is no coincidence that Samsung can become the global “dominant” smartphone, while Apple is a mobile phone manufacturer with good sales and reputation. With its unique A14 processor + IOS System, its first-class hardware, excellent marketing, and independent IOS system are very popular.

Once in the high-end flagship smartphone field, it also created data beyond the reach of other mobile phone manufacturers. Huawei, as a rising star, is also in 5G. The mobile phone field has become a leader in the global 5G mobile phone market. Today, Huawei 5G mobile phones and Huawei 5G chips still maintain a leading position. More importantly, Huawei also proposed a new “Hongmeng OS system + self-developed chip” in 2020. System, in this regard, many consumers think that Huawei mobile phones may dominate the future 5G mobile phone market; then, who are the three companies Samsung, Huawei, and Apple with higher profits?

According to statistics from Counterpoint, a relevant statistical agency, in the Q3 2019 quarter, the market share of high-end smartphones priced at more than $ 400 in the high-end smartphone market alone, Apple mobile phones alone accounted for 52% of the global high-end smartphone market. iPhone sales are not even as good as Samsung or Huawei phones, but they dominate the high-end flagship mobile phones.

Samsung, as the world ’s number one smartphone overlord, also accounts for about 25 of global high-end flagship mobile phone sales. % Market share, and Huawei ranked third, accounting for about 12% of global high-end smartphone flagships, followed by OnePlus and LG, which each accounted for about 2% of the global high-end smartphone market, while the remaining 8% of high-end flagships The mobile phone market share is occupied and divided by other mobile phone manufacturers.

Whether it is in high-end flagship phones or in terms of market value, Apple seems to be proving that it is the world’s strongest “smartphone overlord”. As of press time, Apple’s market value had exceeded the 1.4 trillion mark and became a global The listed company with the highest market value, and recently, the media has also published a list of the world’s most profitable companies.

Similarly, we can also find that in addition to Saudi Aramco, which ranks first in the list, the profits are rich and rivals. It can still rank second in the world, with a profit of nearly 60 billion U.S. dollars, and Samsung has the fourth taste buds, with a profit of nearly 40 billion U.S. dollars, but our domestic mobile phones Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, etc., even have It is impossible to see traces on this list. It can be seen that the combined sales of domestic mobile phones can be arrogant, but it seems to have ended in “loss” in terms of profit.

This may also be a very sad fact. The profits of domestic mobile phones are so low. Even if Huawei mobile phones are the big brothers of domestic mobile phones, the profit margins are also very low. According to the financial report data of Huawei mobile phones over the years, Huawei mobile phone profit margins have always been Maintained at about 8%, and in 2018, Huawei’s total profit was only 8.95 billion US dollars, and the profit margin was only about 8%, although Huawei has announced its revenue in 2019 Up to 850 billion yuan, but if calculated at an 8% profit margin, Huawei’s total profit in 2019 is only 68 billion yuan, about 9.9 billion US dollars.

The profits from Apple and Samsung can be said to More importantly, we found in this list that of the top 20 most profitable companies, there are as many as 10 companies in the United States and as many as 4 Internet technology companies, and There are only 4 companies in China, including several major banks, and no technology company is on the list!

However, many netizens may also be confused when they see this data. Why are Huawei’s mobile phones sold so expensive and the profit margins so low? In fact, the reason is very simple. Compared with the smartphones of the three giants Apple, Samsung and Huawei, it is found that almost all Huawei phones have the lowest price and the highest price. In the high-end smartphone market, Huawei phones are almost all based on “High quality and low price” is famous, so Huawei’s overall profit margin cannot match Apple and Samsung.

Although Huawei’s overall profit margin is not high, Huawei’s value may not be in its commercial value, but in the technological value brought by Huawei, especially in the current 5G field, Huawei has become a leader. Moreover, Huawei is the only company in the world’s top ten communications companies that is not listed. The main purpose of Huawei is not just to make money. We must know that Huawei has previously publicly issued a declaration to the public: “In the era of 5G networks, build a brand new everything. Connected smart world. “

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