Liverpool once refused to buy Ronaldo because the fees were too high

In 2003, Liverpool had the opportunity to recruit the Portuguese player from Sporting Lisbon. However, the Anfield team has withdrawn because they do not want to pay too high a fee for Cristiano Ronaldo.
In 2003, Liverpool, not MU, was the team that approached Cristiano Ronaldo first. However, requests from the 18-year-old at the time made “The Kop” give up the deal. According to The Athletic , Liverpool head coach Gerard Houllier and his assistant Phil Thompson all appreciate Ronaldo’s talent.

Recently, assistant Thompson revealed: “At that time I was told that Ronaldo’s transfer price was about 4 million pounds. Ronaldo also wanted 1 million pounds of salary per year after tax. That’s a large number for an 18-year-old boy. “.

According to The Athleti c , Coach Houllier said that the above Ronaldo salary would disrupt the salary structure of the team, thereby making many players in the dressing room feel uncomfortable.

Ronaldo can join Liverpool if the Anfield team is more definitive. Photo: Getty.
The fact that Liverpool faltered is an opportunity for MU to win the young Portuguese talent at that time. MU quickly recruited Ronaldo successfully after paying Sporting Lisbon £ 12.2 million.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Thompson admitted. “How the hell has his value increased from £ 4 million to 12.2 million? I am surprised that MU has paid 3 times the money. He is obviously a talented player, but no one can attend. guess Ronaldo could be as great as now. ”

The Athleti c also revealed that Liverpool decided to trust the two young talents at the time, Florent Sinama Pongolle and Anthony le Tallec, instead of buying Ronaldo. However, the names mentioned above cannot develop and become good players. In addition, Liverpool also has the opportunity to recruit Gareth Bale but missed.

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