Messi has conditions to extend the contract with Barca

The Spanish media said the Argentinian superstar only accepted to stay at Barca if the club met his requirements.
According to El Mundo Deportivo , Messi is said to be very open in signing a contract with Barca . However, the Argentine superstar wants to extend each year, just like the legend Andres Iniesta once did.

The Catalonia-based newspaper explained further that Messi wants to stay at the club but has the right to cancel the contract at the end of the season. This shows that Leo has no intention of long-term attachment to the representative of Catalonia.

This is completely contrary to the wishes of the Barca leadership. In November 2019, when answering the Associated Press, President Josep Bartomeu said he wanted Messi to sign a “lifetime” contract with the club.

The head of Barca said: “Leo Messi is eager to play for the club for another 2, 3, 4, or 5 years. We have no doubts about that. However, the extension of the contract with Messi also depending on the two “.

Currently Messi’s contract with Barca is only valid until June 2021, which is another 18 months. After winning the 6th Golden Ball in his career in December 2019, Leo once confirmed that there was no way he left the club when his current contract had not ended.

“The club knows how well I am. There is no difficulty about the terms of the new contract being negotiated between me and the club,” Messi said.

Based on what Leo and the Barca board said, the contract renewal process between the two sides seemed very smooth. However, journalist Miguel Rico of El Mundo Deportivo did not think so. This pen hinted “Barca only said, but did not want to do”.

“The truth is that President Bartomeu, Messi’s representative, and Leo, never sat at the negotiating table to discuss,” the Spanish journalist said.

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