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MU fans threw flares at Ed Woodward’s house

Some fanatical fans threw flares at Ed Woodward’s house, fortunately the whole family of executive vice president of MU were out during this time.
According to Goal , the fans even filmed a video to show off the moment of “attacking” Ed Edward’s house. They threw flares at the gate and shouted: “Ed Woodward must disappear”. Man United received this information and reported the incident to the police.

“Man United confirmed an incident at the home of one of the club staff. We know all will stand behind MU, clarify this case. Anyone participating in the attack will pay the price, opposite the law. Supporters can express their views as one thing, but attacking dangerously, threatening other people’s lives has no reason to defend, ”said a MU spokesman.

Ed Woodward has been appointed by MU to be the executive vice president since 2012. In addition to assuming the financial position of MU, Ed Woodward is also directly involved in the transfer of “Reds”. He became a thorn in the eyes of MU fans when repeatedly failed in important transfers, and recruited many players at too high prices or underpaid wages.

Alexis Sanchez is a typical case of high pay, but limited contribution. Angel Di Maria , Romelu Lukaku, Paul Pogba were bought with the highest value in the English Premier League , but all were disappointing. Marouane Fellaini, Radamel Falcao are two other disappointing signings.

MU fans demanded the presence of the sporting director at Old Trafford to take over the professional instead of Ed Woodward. Many names on the MU, but no one is ready to go to Manchester.

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