New identification technology has successfully raised $ 7 million

TypingDNA receives a million-dollar investment package for AI technology that can identify users based on keystroke style.
TypingDNA, a startup founded by 18 individuals in Bucharest, Romania, has just completed the A-series fundraising round. They successfully raised $ 7 million thanks to an interesting identification technology.

Specifically, TypingDNA is developing AI technology that can identify users based on keystroke styles on both laptops and mobile devices.

According to a company profile on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in early 2019, TypingDNA received a £ 1.3 million investment in its first round of seed funding. Since then, TypingDNA has successfully raised another $ 5.25 million .

TypingDNA’s interesting technology is also known as biometric authentication based on user input habits. Every time a user presses the key and releases force, specific data about the time of that action will be collected as a way to identify them.

This technology is not new. According to PCWorld , the ideas and research in this area was 20 years ago but it was assessed as having no stable accuracy.

Meanwhile, the side of TypingDNA confirmed that the identification technology developed by the company has an accuracy rate of up to 99-99.9%.

According to Popa , TypingDNA is negotiating to integrate this recognition technology into products of many partners such as banks, financial applications, online educational platforms, business applications, and consumer applications. use and the government.

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