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Onyx Boox: Android 9 on the first e-book reader.

Onyx Boox is a popular e-book producer. To the extent that it can afford the production of less standard devices than conventional electronic readers. The eye-catcher primarily its size – it was decided to use the screen with a diagonal of up to 13.3 inches. Thanks to this, you can use it not only as an e-book, but also as a tablet or an additional monitor for your computer.

The gadget comes with a USB-C socket to connect with a PC or laptop. This option is especially for people who experience discomfort when using LCD screens. The E-Ink display in Onyx Boox Max 3 does not reflect light reflections, making it safe for our eyes. A dedicated WACOM stylus is added to the device. It allows you to conveniently create notes on PDFs and in dedicated applications. Additionally, notes can be easily exported to other devices.

Android 9 on the reader makes Onyx Boox Max 3 a multifunctional device

Onyx Boox Max 3 with Android 9

The screen will not allow us to enjoy movies or music videos in color, but also significantly expands the possibilities of a classic reader.
Until now, all such devices had an older version of Android or worked on proprietary systems, which were quite limited. Installed on Onyx Boox Max 3 Android is better optimized and allows for faster operation of the device, application download and quick charging. We will fully charge the battery in 2 hours. The new reader from Onyx Boox has 4 GB of RAM and works on an 8 core processor from Qualcomm. This device goes for around 970 USD.

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