Pixelbook Go [by Google] review

During the Made by Google event, the company showed several of its devices. Among them is a new laptop that will work on Chrome OS. Pixelbook Go will come in a variety of variants with a large price range.

Google showed Pixel Buds 2 headphones and new Pixel 4 and 4 XL smartphones during Tuesday’s conference. The biggest surprise, however, was the premiere of the new laptop. The first Pixelbook debuted two years ago. However, the new device is not its direct successor. The Pixelbook Go indicates that it can easily be grabbed and taken with you wherever you go. This confirms the weight and undulated bottom of the device, which will allow it to grip more securely.


The compact dimensions are complemented by a thickness of barely 13 mm. Taking the Pixelbook on a trip will be possible thanks to a fully charged battery that will allow up to 12 hours of operation.

Pixelbook Go – specification and price

Google has equipped new laptops with a 13.3-inch screen with a 16: 9 aspect ratio. The display is touch-sensitive, which in combination with ChromeOS will significantly facilitate its use. The resolution differs from the selected model: the cheaper ones will offer Full HD, and the more expensive ones will recreate the image in 4K (“Molecular Display”).

The housing is made of magnesium, thanks to which the Pixelbook Go will be very durable, which is an important issue in the case of equipment designed for use in motion. Google also boasts a keyboard that has a special button to call the Google Assistant, and after improvements it is “ultra-quiet”. Two stereo speakers are placed on its sides. The laptop is equipped with a 2 Mpix camera with 1080p video recording and 60 frames per second. Google also provided Bluetooth and WiFi modules and two USB-C input illuminated by LEDs. In addition, Pixelbook Go has a Titan C safety system and a headphone connector. Devices are based on disk SSD, the size of which depends on which variant to choose:

  • Full HD / Intel Core m3 / 8 GB RAM / 64 GB SSD – $ 649
  • Full HD / Intel Core i5 / 8 GB RAM / 128 GB SSD – $ 849
  • Full HD / Intel Core i5 / 16 GB RAM / 128 GB SSD – $ 999
  • 4K / Intel Core i7 / 16 GB RAM / 256 GB SSD – $ 1399

Google has focused heavily on design. Laptops look aesthetically pleasing and you can’t deny their charm. There are two color versions to choose from: Just Black and Not Pink. The Black Pixelbook Go is now available, you will have to wait for the pink one.

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