President Trump gave specific reasons for the killing of Iranian general

At a White House press conference on Thursday, US President Donald Trump said he made a decision to raid Baghdad International Airport in Iraq to destroy the commander of Iran’s Quds task force, General. Qasem Soleimani because “they want to blow up our Embassy”, according to Reuters.

“We do so for very clear reasons. A number of people died, one of our military personnel was killed. There were people who were seriously injured just a week earlier, and we carried out that attack, ”Mr. Trump continued, referring to the death of a US defense contractor in a rocket attack in Iraq before the air strike killed Iranian general.

“We had to do that, I directed it, and that shot was absolutely accurate,” Mr. Trump emphasized.

President Trump reiterated the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad in late December, conducted by pro-Iranian groups to protest the US air strike. against Shiite militia in Syria and Iraq. Trump described the effort as an “organized plot” to destroy the US diplomatic base, according to the Hill.

“If you look at the protesters, they are warriors, they are no longer protesters. They are backed by Iran. Some are Iraqis, but they are still backed by Iran. They try to destroy and smash windows. If they get inside, I believe we could witness a hostage arrest or worse. We may witness more deaths. They are soldiers, warriors and we have to stop them, ”Mr. Trump explained.

President Trump called the attack on the US embassy in Iraq an “organized plot” behind General Soleimani. Even the White House boss believes that Iranian commander is not just targeting the US Embassy.

President Trump gave specific reasons for the killing of Iranian general:
According to Reuters news agency, this is the first time Mr. Trump has announced the specific reason why the US carried out an air strike to destroy General Soleimani. Earlier, the Washington administration only announced the attack on Iranian generals as a defensive act.

Iran responded to the US airstrike with a missile strike on two military bases with US troops stationed in Iraq on the morning of January 8. President Trump confirmed that no US soldiers were killed or injured and Tehran appeared to have “faltered” after the attack.

On the Iranian side, the Foreign Ministry also declared missile attacks on US military bases in Iraq that ended Iran’s retaliation for killing Soleimani. However, yesterday (January 9,2020), Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards launched a new threat.

Reuters reported that a senior commander of the force warned “there will be more retaliation” and another said that Iranian missile retaliation on bases with US troops in Iraq. just the beginning of a series of attacks across the region.

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