Report: China’s TikTok application contains ‘many vulnerabilities’ of network security

A report published on Wednesday said Chinese-owned TikTok had major security vulnerabilities, according to FOX Business.

The report is the result of research by cyber security firm Check Point Research, which says TikTok has “many vulnerabilities” that allow bad guys to send users messages containing links. malware can gain access to a user’s device, allowing attackers to hijack a user’s account, remove videos on their own, post videos, view private videos and reveal personal information of users such as email addresses.

This report comes in the context of TikTok suspected of censoring information and supporting the spread of Chinese government policies.

In November, the US government launched a national security investigation of TikTok’s owner, Byte Dance Technology, about how the social network censored information about users.
The Guardian article also said that TikTok is also trying to promote the foreign policies of the Chinese government.

TikTok’s security team, Luke Des hotels, told FOX Business that the issues raised by the report were resolved in the new version. No information is available to verify TikTok’s claim.

According to FOX Business, TikTok began under scrutiny in October when The Wall Street Journal reported that members of the Islamic State group, claiming to be IS, posted propaganda videos on the app to influence. to young people.

In December, the US Navy banned personnel from using TikTok because of security issues. In a statement sent to FOX Business at the time, Dave Benham, director of public affairs for the US Electronic Space Command and US 10 Fleet, said: based on cyber security threat assessments. ”

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