Revealing the cause of Kobe Bryant’s plane crash

In an attempt to break through the thick fog, the helicopter of basketball legend Kobe Bryant unexpectedly crashed.
According to some experienced pilots in the Los Angeles area with TMZ, at the time of the flight, the helicopter carrying Bryant, daughter Gianna and others was in big trouble with the fog. They tried to overcome the mist to return home but could not fly over the mountains ahead.

The pilot tried to get the plane around the Los Angeles Zoo for about 15 minutes because of the bad weather. After that, this pilot was instructed to fly to the North, towards Thousand Oaks. However, the accident happened in the Calabasas, California area.

Before the accident, the pilot flew at an altitude that was too low. After that, he panicked and climbed suddenly from 381 m to 680 m to overcome the dense fog. After that, the helicopter fell to the hillside at a speed of 283 km / h.

A pilot in Los Angeles said the driver of the helicopter in flight flew at a speed too fast while not knowing there was mountains due to fog obscuring visibility. In the case of a slower flight, a tragic accident may not occur. In addition, according to TMZ , the air rescue team in Los Angeles was not allowed to fly at the time of the accident due to bad weather.

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