Revealing the last exchange with a Ukrainian airplane pilot who was mistakenly shot

The air traffic tower at Tehran airport requested that aircraft number 752 of Ukraine turn around, but this request was not fulfilled.
The final contact for Ukraine International’s 752 aircraft with air traffic at Tehran airport on January 8 included turnaround instructions, according to the country’s aviation official. Details of the conversation were not disclosed.

“We are reassured that the aircraft kept in contact with the airport and the radio station until the final moment of the tragedy,” the CEO of Ukraine International, Yevgenii Dyhkne, said at a press conference on January 11. in the capital Kiev.

“There have been discussions about flight routes, they have been allowed to return, now all of this evidence will be linked to the investigation,” Mr. Dyhne added. This person also guarantees to provide this information promptly in the reporting documents.

According to CNN , when asked about the last words of the pilot before his death, Mr. Dykne refused to provide information. However, according to Ukrainian Vice President Ihor Sosnovsky, an order was made to require the pilot to “select altitude and turn around”.

Sosnovsky later said he had no right to disclose the conversations because things were still under investigation.

Earlier, the commander of the Space Forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards – General Amir Ali Hajizadel, said he had asked all commercial aircraft in Iran to close until the US -Iran tensions were lowered. heat. However, those in the Armed Forces authorized to carry out the request from the government and aviation authorities did not choose to do so.

According to Hajizadeh, Ukrainian aircraft were misidentified by air defense systems as cruise missiles. Because he could not contact the commander of the central air defense system to confirm, Mr. Hajizadeh decided to shoot down in 10 seconds of decision.

He later took full responsibility and blamed part of the accident on the United States, saying that Iran had to raise its guard against President Trump’s threat to attack 52 targets in Iran. Mr. Hajizadeh shared that he wished he could “die” to not witness the tragedy.

Flight PS752 of Ukraine International carrying 176 passengers and crew on January 8 was shot down just minutes after leaving Imam Khomeini airport in Tehran, on the way to the Ukrainian city of Kiev.

The Iranian military on Monday acknowledged the downed plane as a “catastrophic mistake”. The incident occurred at a time when Iran was intensifying its defenses and threatened to attack US military bases after the US air strike killed Quassem Soleimani, the supreme general of the Kuds forces of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

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