Samsung’s most affordable premium phone in 2020

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The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra and S20 Ultra series can be packed with Samsung’s latest, most modern features. However, they also come at a premium. That makes it difficult for the two to achieve good sales, especially when competitors like OnePlus offer attractive phones at a lower price.

Galaxy S20 FE (short for “fan edition” or fan edition) is how Samsung put impressive specs into a lower-priced smartphone.

With a price in the US of 700 USD for the 5G version, equivalent to iPhone 11 , Galaxy S20 FE is much cheaper than Samsung’s flagship smartphones. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G model costs up to $ 1,300. The new smartphone is even cheaper than the OnePlus 8 Pro ( $ 899 ), which is often known for its affordable price and great features.

Although the price is quite cheaper, the hardware and parameters of the Galaxy S20 FE are not inferior to the top smartphones of Samsung.

It still has a 6.5 inch AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a resolution of 2,400 x 1080. The chip inside is the Snapdragon 865. The camera cluster has 3 lenses with a slightly lower zoom level than the S20 Ultra. There is no 8K video recording though. Besides, these are not very important features. It still has 3x optical zoom, optical stabilization and night mode, and shooting feature “single take”.

From the outside, the S20 FE is similar to the rest of the S20 series with Gorilla Glass 5 protection (lower than Gorilla Glass 6 on Note). The back is a little different when using reinforced plastic, not glass.

Even so, the device is still IP68 waterproof, scans fingerprints on the screen, and carries more colors than the expensive S20 Ultra: red, purple, blue, and orange.

Obviously, the Galaxy S20 FE isn’t a technological breakthrough in mobile, but Samsung doesn’t need it either. They need a decent, all-round phone at a good price, and in theory that’s what the Galaxy S20 FE is all about.