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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may be released in April 2020

According to the Korean portal, The Bell, Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may be shown in April next year. The project’s code name is Bloom. Samsung has not yet decided on the screen size.

The Korean portal The Bell announces that Samsung is already working on the successor to its foldable smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Fold). The device will be revealed in April next year, i.e. a year after the first Galaxy Fold presentations. However, there is no reason for such an immediate sales premiere.

First of all, Samsung had a much delayed premiere of the debut phone with a flexible screen – the device has been sold in the world for 1.5 months . Due to technical problems encountered by the first users, the company could not focus on the development of the next device. It was necessary to ensure the durability of the current model as soon as possible to win the fight with Huawei, who also prepared a similar device. Ultimately, Samsung overtook the Chinese company, which will not release Mate X this month .

Secondly, Samsung still does not know whether to use a 6.7-inch or 8.1-inch screen. If no decision has been made on such a key topic, the device will not go into production within half a year. The choice between two screen sizes is a more serious design decision than you might think. It is possible that Samsung will decide to fold the device along the short edge, and therefore a model similar to the idea of ​​Motorola RAZR . Then a smaller screen than Galaxy Fold 1 seems to be a must.

Galaxy Fold 2 is codenamed Bloom. Samsung predicts the flourishing market for flexible screens

Code names often reflect the manufacturer’s predictions about the device. The first Galaxy Fold was initially baptized as WINNER. The self-fulfilling prophecy worked, because in the race for the debut of folded smartphones, it is indeed a winner.

The successor of this model is to be called BLOOM, which means flower or bloom. So if Koreans do not mean how to fold the smartphone (or rather predict the situation in this way, as with the first such device), then it can be assumed that it means the flourishing market for flexible displays. This is confirmed by the forecasts of Counterpoint Research, which The Bloom refers to. This year, 400,000 such devices are predicted to be sold. Next year it is to be 3.2 million units, 1 million in 2021. Sales in 2022 will then jump to 27.1 million.

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