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Sony officially announces PlayStation 5

Sony was silent for years, but finally we lived to see it. The Japanese manufacturer has already officially announced PlayStation 5 – the next generation of the most popular game consoles. The company revealed the first details, including the release date.

We knew for a long time that Sony was working on the next generation of PlayStation consoles. Sony never hid it. In April, a Sony engineer shared information about, among others, the console processor. Additionally, in June the head of the company shared some other details about the PlayStation 5.

Still, there were more questions than answers. This is because apart from a few details about the specification, everything remained in the sphere of gossip. Especially when it came to the release date.

Sony officially announces PlayStation 5 and gives the date

Now Sony has already officially confirmed that the new console will be called “PlayStation 5”. This is no surprise, although the company has never confirmed the name of the next generation of its consoles before.

The Japanese have also officially confirmed that the PS5 will debut at the end of next year, giving even a specific date – “Holiday 2020” (“Christmas break”). This may indicate that the equipment will probably appear in stores just before next year ‘s Christmas. So Sony aims for an extremely hot shopping period.

What do we already know about PlayStation 5?

Sony has already reported that on PlayStation 5 will be a powerful CPU chip. The chip will be based on the third generation of AMD Ryzen processors and contains eight cores made in Zen 2 (7 nm) architecture. PS5 is also a completely new GPU chip, with ray-tracing technology, built based on Radeon Navi. Of course, the slow drive HDD will be replaced by SSDs.

As a result, the console will offer 4K resolution with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. We still don’t know, however, how many frames per second games will run . Lack of information on 60 fps suggests that we will get 30 fps known from PS4.

Sony will offer a new, better controller

Sony PS5 Controller (2019)
The new controller added to the PS5 (so far no name , although probably Sony will opt for “DualShock 5”) will be a far-reaching improvement of its predecessor. Again, we can expect key configurations and symmetrically arranged analogs that are well known and liked by some players.

However, Sony says clearly – the company wanted the player to be able to deeply immerse in the virtual world also thanks to the sense of touch. As a result, the Japanese will replace the simple vibrations known from DualShock 4 with haptic technology.

Everyone holding a new rain from Sony is supposed to get much more feedback from the game than the previous generation of consoles. Sony explains that the effect associated with hitting the band with a rally car will be completely different than when the opponent’s aggressive legs get on the pitch. The Japanese boast that it will be possible even from the level of the controller to feel the differences when running on a grassy field and swampy area.

Secondly, Sony will allow developers more control over the R2 and L2 buttons. They are often responsible for such activities as accelerating and braking the car or simulate the trigger of a gun.

In PlayStation 5, game developers will be able to decide for themselves what resistance the buttons will make when performing specific actions. Thanks to this, pressing for example R2 is to provide a completely different experience when shooting with a bow and firearm or when accelerating with a “rally vehicle” on gravel or asphalt. This – combined with haptic technology – is designed to allow the player to better understand the game.

There are still many unknowns about PS5

Of course, there are still many unknowns about the upcoming PlayStation 5. However, Sony has already made the first and most important step. In the coming months, the Japanese will share more interesting facts. We also still do not know one of the most important facts about the PS5, and therefore the appearance of the console.

For the time being, the pictures presented in this text are only visualizations based on patent sketches of one of the PS5 versions. It is not known whether PlayStation 5, which will go on sale, will also offer such a rather aggressive design.

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