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Spain will create 200,000 fewer jobs in 2020 than in the best year of recovery

Although the government continues to remove iron from the impact of the slowdown in the labor market , the truth is that the figures speak for themselves.

The fine print of the latest quarterly report by CEOE shows that the country will create in 2020 about 200,000 fewer jobs than in the best year of recovery (2015) and 100,000 less than this year , indicating a clear brake on the labor market that continues to support the second highest unemployment rate in the European Union only behind Greece.

According to the employer, in terms of National Accounts, 289,000 jobs will be created next year, compared to the 387,000 created in 2019 or the 508,000 that were generated in 2015, after reforms such as labor that helped increase hiring were implemented, something that formations like the PSOE or Podemos still deny. In fact, they insist on repealing it.

If the measurement of the evolution of employment for next year is made taking into account the criteria of the Activ a Population Survey , the organization chaired by Antonio Garamendi foresees that 309,000 jobs will be created in 2020, compared to 432,000 the employers expect that they have been generated during this exercise or the 522 that with this way of measuring jobs were created in 2015 , which can be considered the best year of recovery since the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew 3.8%.

What is clear is that the trend of job creation , according to employers, is decreasing : in 2018 employment grew by 2.7%, in 2019 it has done so if CEOE estimates are met by 2.2% and in 2020 the rate of creation of jobs will slow down to 1.6% on average as a result of the cooling of the activity.

This is the reason why, on average, next year there will continue to be more than three million unemployed according to CEOE and why the unemployment rate will continue to exceed 13%, far from the worrying levels of the first years of the crisis that broke out in 2008 but also of the best records of other advanced in the world.

In fact, while the unemployment rate in Spain will be 13.2% next year in Germany it will be only 3.4%, in the United Kingdom 4%, in France , 8.2% and in the whole of the European Union of 6.2%. Only Italy will be near , with a 10% unemployment rate, a country that has also lived through periods of political uncertainty like Spain in recent years.

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